Who is the best record producer?

The 13 Best Music Producers Of All Time

  • Rick Rubin. Rick Rubin defines the term ‘innovator’.
  • Dr Dre. drdre.
  • Sir George Martin.
  • Nile Rodgers.
  • Quincy Jones.
  • Martin Hannett.
  • John Leckie.
  • Steve Albini.

How do I find a record producer?

If you want to find a producer you can do it a number of ways:

  1. The Music Directory lists producers.
  2. Contact producers of bands and songwriters you admire.
  3. Ask around at local colleges or studios that run courses in production.
  4. Produce yourself and make the most of your engineer.

Who are some famous record producers?

The 20 best music producers of all time

  • Sam Phillips. Sam Phillips. Picture: Getty.
  • Jerry Wexler. Jerry Wexler with Aretha Franklin. Picture: Getty.
  • Joe Meek. Joe Meek.
  • Ray Thomas Baker. Queen Official.
  • Babyface. Babyface.
  • Linda Perry. Linda Perry.
  • Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange. Robert John Mutt Lange.
  • Brian Eno. Brian Eno in 1973.

Who is the music producer of BTS?

Kang Hyo-won
Agency. Kang Hyo-won (강효원), also known as Pdogg, is a South Korean songwriter and record producer. He is part of the producers of Big Hit Entertainment and the main producer of BTS.

Who is the richest beat maker?

10 Richest Music Producers In The World

Rank Name Age
1 Dr. Dre 56
2 Max Martin 50
3 Rick Rubin 58
4 Nile Rogers 68

Who has produced the most hit songs?

Paul McCartney (32) and John Lennon (26), of The Beatles, rank first and second, respectively, for having written the most Hot 100 No. 1s, thanks to their respective group and solo outputs.

What is Blue Label Records?

BlueLabel is an online database for the international art world. BlueLabel was developed for modern and contemporary artists to record details of their art works to ensure that these are permanently stored and easily accessible.

How do artists reach out to producers?

When reaching out to these artists, you need to first and foremost offer value. Messaging producers asking them to listen to your latest track or follow your social profiles has and never will work. Repost one of their recent releases on social media and mention this to them in your first message.

Who wrote BTS fire?

RMPdoggBang Si-Hyuk

Who wrote tear BTS?

Outro: Tear/Composers

On tour, BTS’s performance of “Outro: Tear” was always a fan-favorite, and the song is one of the rap line’s strongest. After the newest episode of Break the Silence, fans have completely changed what they thought of the song. “YOONGI WROTE TEAR FOR THE MEMBERS BY KEEPING BTS IN MIND..

Who is the richest DJ in the world?

Right now, Calvin Harris is the richest DJ in the world with a net worth of $300 million.

Who are some of the most famous record producers?

While Sam Phillips gained fame for producing records for Elvis, he also worked with other great musical stars like Howlin’ Wolf, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. Read on to learn more about the life and works of famous record producers from across the globe!

Who are some famous music producers from Atlanta GA?

I am a Grammy winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer based out of Atlanta, Ga. I have more than 20 years of experience and my credits include Elton John, Outkast, Lady Gaga, Rod Stewart, Joss Stone, PNAU, Santana, Alice In Chains, B.B. King, T.I., Nelly, Sevendust, Third Day, Bruce Hornsby, Ann…

Who is the number one music producer in Nigeria?

Don Jazzy was born on November 26, 1982 in Umuahia, Abia State. With over 100 hit songs to his credit, Don Jazzy is no doubt the number 1 producer in Nigeria at the moment. Most people are of the opinion he’s undeniably the king of Nigerian music.

Who is the current CEO of Mavin Records?

Don Jazzy (Michael Collins Ajereh) is a multi award-winning record producer, singer-songwriter, musician, current CEO of the Mavin Records label. Don Jazzy was born on November 26, 1982 in Umuahia, Abia State.