Where do trains go from East Croydon?

East Croydon serves destinations mainly in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Brighton & Hove, including Gatwick Airport, Horsham, Caterham, Tattenham Corner, Brighton, Reigate, Hastings, Eastbourne, Bognor Regis, Portsmouth, Tonbridge and many suburban stations in South London and Hertfordshire via the West London …

Can I use Oyster on Thameslink to Brighton?

No need for a paper ticket – you can use smartcards, Oyster and payment cards on Thameslink.

Are trains running from Three Bridges to Brighton?

Is there a direct train from Three Bridges to Brighton? Yes, it is possible to travel from Three Bridges to Brighton without having to change trains. There are 100 direct trains from Three Bridges to Brighton each day.

Are trains running from East Croydon to Clapham Junction?

Is there a direct train from East Croydon to Clapham Junction? Yes, it is possible to travel from East Croydon to Clapham Junction without having to change trains. There are 216 direct trains from East Croydon to Clapham Junction each day.

Is East Croydon station safe?

East Croydon Railway Station is one of the least safe spaces for commuting minorities in the country, figures from the past three years reveal, and the problem is only getting worse.

Can I use Oyster to East Croydon?

East Croydon rail station is within Travelcard Zone 5, but all Tramlink stops are within Travelcard Zone 4. London buses no longer accept cash payments for any journeys and all adult passengers must use an Oystercard or contactless debit/credit card.

Can I use my Zip card to get to Brighton?

No, you can’t. Brighton is by no stretch of the imagination part of London.

Can I use my Oyster card at three bridges?

Can smartcards be validated at Three Bridges station? Oyster cannot be used at this station.

How many platforms does three bridges have?

Access to all five platforms is via a subway and stairs, lifts or ramp. Toilets and waiting rooms are located in the middle of the islands for platforms 1/2 and 3/4.

What zone is Clapham Junction?

zone 2
Clapham Junction railway station

Clapham Junction
Fare zone 2
Cycle parking Yes – external
Toilet facilities Yes – behind gateline
National Rail annual entry and exit

How do I get from East Croydon to Wimbledon?

It takes an average of 41m to travel from East Croydon to Wimbledon by train, over a distance of around 6 miles (9 km)….East Croydon to Wimbledon by train.

Journey time From 21m
Distance 6 miles (9 km)
Frequency 141 trains per day
First train 04:36
Last train 00:26

Does East Croydon have barriers?

Wider ticket barriers are available to access platforms. Platforms which have tactile markings at the platform edge are 1-2-3-4-5-6. Accessible toilets are located on the platform(s). Accessible toilets are located on platform(s) 2-4-5.

Is there a train from Brighton to East Croydon?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from East Croydon and arriving at Brighton. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 44 min. More details How far is it from East Croydon to Brighton (Station)? The distance between East Croydon and Brighton (Station) is 38 miles.

Do you have to change your bus ticket from Croydon to Brighton?

All change and refund requests must be made at least 24 hours before the original outbound journey. Partial refunds are not allowed. The bus service from Croydon to Brighton is run by National Express. There are no direct buses on this route as the buses either have one or two changes along the way.

Are there any coach tickets from Croydon to Brighton and Hove?

You can select from three ticket options for the Croydon to Brighton and Hove coach: Restricted Fare, Standard Fare, and Fully Flexible Fare. If you’re looking for more flexibility on cancelling or changing your coach ticket easily, we recommend splurging on the Fully Flexible Fare option.

Is there a bus from Mitcham to Brighton?

There is an hourly bus leaving Mitcham Station for Brighton. It takes an estimated 2 hours and 40 minutes for the bus to reach the arrival station, Brighton Coach Station. Take the bus to Brighton and Hove easily.