Where can I watch the return of Superman triplets?

You can still watch The Return of Superman on YouTube and Viu.

Which episode did the triplets join return of Superman?

They were part of the show for 83 episodes (episode 34-116).

Why the triplets left the return of Superman?

The triplets’ popularity soared while they were on the show and viewers greatly missed them when they left in 2017. It turns out, the whole family lived in France for a year so the kids won’t be too far from their mom, Jung Seung Yeon, who was pursuing further studies in the country.

When did HAOH join the return of Superman?

On the February 2 episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” Gary and his son Hao made their debut as the newest cast members of the popular family variety show.

How old is minguk?

9 years (2012)
Song Min-gook/Age

Is Naeun and Gunhoo coming back?

It’s Official: Naeun And Gunhoo’s Family Is Back On ‘The Return Of Superman’! Park Family fans, get ready to binge-watch your faves again on YouTube and Viu—Naeun, Gunhoo, and their appa Park Joo Ho, have officially rejoined the cast of The Return Of Superman (TROS)!

Why did Haru leave TROS?

In a personal interview with Ilgan Sports on October 14 KST, Tablo revealed that the reason they left was all because of Haru. Tablo also said that even with a busy schedule, he still makes time to play with Haru.

When did the return of Superman come out?

The Return of Superman used to be one of the two segments (the other segment is 1 Night 2 Days) on Happy Sunday. The original three episodes pilot aired as a Chuseok holiday special from September 19 till September 21 of 2013, starring Lee Hwi-jae, Choo Sung-hoon, Jang Hyun-sung.

Who is the narrator of the return of Superman?

The show is narrated by entertainer/singer Haha and actress So Yoo-jin . KBS announced on Oct 17, 2013 that The Return of Superman will officially become part of the Happy Sunday lineup starting on November 3, 2013. The show replaces Star Family Show Mamma Mia, which was moved to Wednesday nights.

Who are the sponsors of the TV show Superman?

LG is the main sponsor of the show. All the “Superman” families prominently display or use the LG’s S Homeboy tablet made by Samsung throughout each episode. Besides the S Homeboy tablet, each Superman family use or display products they individually endorse on the show.