How much does Westminster School cost?

Based on 2021/2022 fees….

Age Grade Total Fees
10 Grade 5 Dirham 10,259
11 Grade 6 Dirham 11,028
12 Grade 7 Dirham 11,028
13 Grade 8 Dirham 12,879

How much are school fees in Adelaide?

Private Schools Adelaide High school Fees Year 8-12

Scotch College TORRENS PARK $26,200
Pulteney Grammar School ADELAIDE $25,350
Immanuel College NOVAR GARDENS $19,640
Loreto College MARRYATVILLE $18,630

What’s the most expensive private school in Adelaide?

St Peter’s College Founded in 1847, St Peter’s College is one of the oldest secondary schools, one of the top boys’ schools in Australia, and the most expensive school in Adelaide.

How much is public school fees in Australia?

Parents in metropolitan areas can expect to pay approximately $4455 per year for their child’s secondary schooling in a government school, around $12,599 in a Catholic school up to $22,450 if they choose the independent school route.

How much is Westminster a year?

Direct Costs: 2022-2023 School Year

expense COST
Tuition $30,248
Fees $2,896
Room (double occupancy) $6,270
Board (19 meal plan) $5,492

How much are public high school fees?

Public high schools don’t charge tuition, but may charge fees of $5-$200 or more per item for textbooks, supplies, physical education, clubs, yearbook, technology or participating in sports or other activities. Total fees can be $100-$700 or more a school year.

What is the most prestigious school in Adelaide?

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Order School State Overall Score
1 Pembroke School,Kensington Park,SA,5068 100
2 St Peter’s Collegiate Girls School,Stonyfell,SA,5066 100
3 Walford Anglican School for Girls,Hyde Park,SA,5061 99
4 St Peter’s College,St Peters,SA,5069 99

How much does it cost to board at Sacred Heart College?

club, computer club, Tournament of Minds and SCRAM….OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART COLLEGE.

Religion Catholic
Day/boarding Day School
Boys/Girls Girl
Enrolment 800 students
Fees Less than 4k annual fees $1170 to $1728, plus building levy $369 per family per annum and maintenance levy $150 per student per annum. family discounts are available.

Does Centrelink help with school costs?

Parents registered with Centrelink can claim up to $125 for primary school kids going to camp or other excursions each year. Check if you must meet the eligibility requirements (listed here) and submit an application before to the end of term 2 to receive the rebate.

Is it hard to get into Westminster School?

Is Westminster hard to get into? Owing to its academic reputation and success Westminster attracts a lot of applications and a such the entrance process at 13+ and 16+ are very competitive.

Where is Westminster School in Adelaide South Australia?

Established in 1961, Westminster School is a leading coeducational independent day and Boarding School in Marion, a south-west suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, close to beaches and the city. We are affiliated with the Uniting Church, and are active members of Round Square, an international network of innovative schools.

What kind of facilities does Westminster School have?

At Westminster School, we have superb facilities on a spacious campus, extensive subject choices to Year 12, over 200 sporting teams, activity clubs and ensembles, outstanding wellbeing programs and teachers who are leaders in their field.

What are the values of the Westminster School?

Students are also encouraged to embrace the Westminster values of resilience, courage, curiosity, kindness and inclusivity while building their own self-esteem and confidence through our wellbeing programs.

What do students learn at Westminster preparatory school?

Westminster’s Preparatory School students learn teamwork, social awareness and respect for others. They develop an understanding of appropriate behaviours, good manners and self-discipline from a good balance of male and female teachers throughout our Preparatory School, which includes a dedicated class teacher for each class in each year level.