What temperature is Zosma?

8,296 K
Delta Leonis/Surface temperature

What type of star is Zosma?

A4 V
Delta Leonis/Spectral type

What degree is Regulus?

The main star, called Regulus A, is large and blue, with a spectral type of B8 IVn. Its surface temperature averages about 12,460 Kelvin (roughly 21,970 degrees F or 12,190 degrees C), much higher than the sun’s surface temperature of 5,778 Kelvin (9,941 °F or 5,505 °C).

What does Delta Leonis mean in English?

δ Leonis (Latinised to Delta Leonis) is the star’s Bayer designation. Zosma means ‘girdle’ in ancient Greek, referring to the star’s location in its constellation, on the hip of the lion.

What color is Zosma?

Zosma is a main star in the constellation Leo and makes up the constellation outline. Based on the spectral type (A4V) of the star, the star’s colour is blue – white .

What is the size of Zosma?

1.4888 million km
Delta Leonis/Radius

Why is Regulus so bright?

It is spinning extremely rapidly, with a rotation period of only 15.9 hours, which causes it to have a highly oblate shape. This results in so-called gravity darkening: the photosphere at Regulus’ poles is considerably hotter, and five times brighter per unit surface area, than its equatorial region.

Where is Regulus in astrology?

Regulus, also called Alpha Leonis, brightest star in the zodiacal constellation Leo and one of the brightest in the entire sky, having an apparent visual magnitude of about 1.35. It is 77 light-years from Earth.

How far is Zosma from Earth?

58.41 light years
Delta Leonis/Distance to Earth

How old is Zosma?

between 600 and 750 million years old
From its current luminosity and temperature (as well as other properties), it is between 600 and 750 million years old.

Why can Regulus not be seen in August?

Image via Professor Marcia Rieke. Bottom line: On or around August 23 every year, Regulus is in conjunction with the sun and lost in the sun’s glare.

When does the Sun join the star Zosma?

The Sun joins Zosma on September 4. Fixed star Zosma, Delta Leonis, is a pale yellow, blue, and violet triple star on the back of the Lion, Leo Constellation. Zosma is from the Greek for Girdle. The other traditional name is Dhur, from the Arabic Al Thahr, The Back.

How big is Zosma compared to the Sun?

Lying nearby, only 58 light years away, Zosma shines with a luminosity 23 times that of the Sun, from a surface with a temperature of 8350 Kelvin, just slightly cooler than its neighbor to the southeast, Denebola(Beta Leonis). These data show the radius to be only about double that of the Sun.

Which is brighter Delta Leonis or Zosma?

Although Zosma is fourth brightest evident by the fact it is Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek constellation, it is brighter than the third star, Algieba which is a double star. Zosma is brighter than both stars but it falls in the pecking order because the sum of the brightness of the two Algieba stars is brighter than Zosma.

What does the Venusian star Zosma mean in astrology?

Conjunction the malefic, danger by poison and disease of the intestinal tract are indicated. These interpretations have to be considered with utmost caution and restraint. [2] The Venusian star Zosma indicates those who have the ability to prophesy. On the Euphrates the star, along with Coxa , was the god Kua, the Oracle.