What to see in Kennedy Range National Park?


  • Draper’s Gorge. Draper’s Gorge cuts deep into the range and features a series of seasonal waterfalls and small rock pools along its length.
  • Temple Gorge. Temple Gorge is the hub for accessing the eastern side of the range.
  • Honeycomb Gorge. Marvel at the honeycomb cavities eroded into the cliff face.
  • Sunrise View.

Are dogs allowed in the Kennedy Ranges?

To avoid dehydration, drink three to four litres of water per day when walking. There is no drinking water in the park. Be kind Do not disturb animals, plants or rocks. No firearms or pets are permitted in Kennedy Range National Park.

Can you take dogs to Mt Augustus?

Pet-Friendly Mount Augustus Tourist Park offers accommodation plus powered and unpowered campsites with green lawns and shade trees, friendly staff, clean hot showers, laundry, free barbeque facilities and a picnic area. The park has a shop, bar and fuel plus an airstrip with Avgas available by arrangement.

Where is Bush Bay?


Site Name Bush Bay Campsite Notes: 30 day stay limit.
Location 32km south of Gravel road access. Southern entry 32km south of Carnarvon.
Address Carnarvon Beware of high tides as flooding occurs.
Phone 08 6555 9049

Can you take a caravan to Mt Augustus?

Mt Augustus: no camping is allowed in the national park but there are powered caravan sites and basic cabins available at Mt Augustus Tourist Park, with great views of the rock.

How many people have died on Mount Augustus?

The safety of future visitors to the biggest rock in the world — Mount Augustus in WA’s north — will be a core feature of an inquest into the deaths of four people who have perished hiking there in the past two years.

Do you need a 4wd to get to Mount Augustus?

Mount Augustus is 430 km from Carnarvon via Gascoyne Junction and 360 km from Meekatharra. Roads are gravel but suitable for two wheel drive vehicles.

Who owns Augustus?

the Hammarquist family
In 2012 the owners of the station were the Hammarquist family. The family also operate the Mt Augustus Tourist Park, which offers accommodation, fuel and supplies to visitors.

Who owns Mt Augustus station?

How old is Mount Augustus?

about 1.6 billion years old
The Mount Augustus Sandstone, at about 1.6 billion years old, is about three times older than the sandstone of Uluru. Importantly, this is different to the age of the actual landform – the island mountain (inselberg) called Mount Augustus.

Is Mt Augustus a monolith?

Located 320 km east of Carnarvon, Mount Augustus is the largest monolith in the world. It is 2.5 times larger than Uluru (Ayers Rock) standing 858 m above the surrounding plain and 1105 metres above sea level. The granite rock which lies beneath Mt Augustus is said to be 1650 million years old.

Is Mt Augustus a rock?

Mount Augustus is a monocline: a type of rock formation that leans, or ‘dips’ in a single direction. At 1700 million years old, it is three times older than Uluru and twice its size, making it the largest rock in the world – and today, you’re going to climb its peak.

Where to get fuel in Gascoyne National Park?

Fuel supplies are at Gascoyne Junction and at the Mount Augustus Tourist Park. Gascoyne Junction to Mt Augustus is 305km (via the Ullawarra Rd) and 288km (via the Carnarvon-Mullewa/Cobra Dairy Creek Rd). Roads in the inland Gascoyne are mostly unsealed but usually suitable for two-wheel drive vehicles.

Is it possible to walk the Gascoyne River?

Note, closures of the road can occur whilst your travelling. Access to the western side of the park via the Gascoyne River is recommended only to those with a high-clearance/capacity four-wheel-drive vehicle. There are no marked walk trails and the track is rough.

Are there any roads in the inland Gascoyne?

Roads in the inland Gascoyne are mostly unsealed but usually suitable for two-wheel drive vehicles. Roads can be substantially damaged and/or closed after rainfall. Seek local shire information about road conditions.

How long is the road from Carnarvon to Gascoyne?

Gascoyne Junction is 172km east of Carnarvon – which is a sealed road. Carnarvon is about 900km from Perth. Be aware that there are long distances between settlements, supplies and services – this is outback Australia. Drive to the road conditions and obey road closures and speed limits.