What is the theory of warp drive?

The general concept of “warp drive” was introduced by John W. Campbell in his 1957 novel Islands of Space. Einstein’s theory of special relativity states that speed of light travel is impossible for material objects that, unlike photons, have a non-zero rest mass.

How does a warp drive work?

Warp drive was a technology that allowed space travel at faster-than-light speeds. It worked by generating warp fields to form a subspace bubble that enveloped the starship, distorting the local spacetime continuum and moving the starship at velocities that could greatly exceed the speed of light.

Is NASA really working on a warp drive?

NASA is obviously still working out the kinks of their warp drive, but perhaps it’s only a matter of time before at least neighboring star systems, like Proxima Centauri, will be in reach for human crews. Until then, we can only look at the furthest stars using our telescopes.

Will FTL ever be possible?

If humanity ever wants to travel easily between stars, people will need to go faster than light. But so far, faster-than-light travel is possible only in science fiction. In Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, humanity can travel from planet to planet, star to star or across the universe using jump drives.

How much energy would a warp drive need?

Although “the mass-energy of the Voyager 1 space probe” may not sound like much, if you convert the 722 kilogram Voyager mass into raw energy (using Einstein’s famous mass-energy equivalence equation: E=mc2), White’s warp drive would require 6.5×1019 Joules (65 exajoules) to create a warp bubble.

Can we travel at warp speed?

Seriously. Humans are one step closer to traveling at faster-than-light speeds. A new paper proposes a fully physically realized model for warp drive.

Why is FTL impossible?

Because the concept of “speed” requires measuring a certain amount of distance traveled in space during a certain period of time, the concept of speed does not even physically exist beyond the speed of light. In fact, the phrase “faster than light” is physically meaningless.

How long would it take to get to Alpha Centauri at Warp 9?

Star Trek: The Original Series

Warp factor Calculated speed (c) Travel time from Earth to Alpha Centauri
8 512 3.09 days
9 729 52.07 hours
10 1000 37.96 hours
11 1331 28.52 hours

Is there a physical model for a warp drive?

In a surprising new paper, scientists say they’ve nailed down a physical model for a warp drive, which flies in the face of what we’ve long thought about the crazy concept of warp speed travel: that it requires exotic, negative forces. ➡ You love our bad*** universe. So do we. Let’s explore it together.

How does the warp drive in Star Trek work?

The faster-than-light warp drive of the Federation works by colliding matter and antimatter and converting the explosive energy to propulsion. Star Trek suggests that this extraordinary power alone pushes the ship at faster-than-light speeds.

Is the NASA warp drive a real thing?

There are many “absurd” theories that have become reality over the years of scientific research. But for the near future, warp drive remains a dream. If you would like to know more about the theories of interstellar flight, you should visit the Tau Zero Foundation . Marc Millis, a former NASA Glenn physicist,…

How did the Alcubierre warp drive come about?

The Alcubierre warp drive is one of those concepts. Proposed by Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994, the drive would propel a ship at superluminal speeds by creating a bubble of negative energy around it, expanding space (and time) behind the ship while compressing space in front of it.