How far does the average person travel to work UK?

In 2019, car and van drivers travelled an average of 782 miles per person per year, roughly three times the distance travelled by those using surface rail as a means of commuting….

Characteristic Average miles per person per year
Other private transport* 4

What is the average travel distance to work?

What is a reasonable distance for work? While there is no hard and fast rule for commuting, the average distance in the U.S. to commute for a job is 26.1 minutes, according to the U.S Census.

What is the average daily commute in the UK?

TUC analysis has shown that the total average UK commute takes up just less than an hour per day (58.4 minutes). There are regional differences here, with Londoners having the longest commute (81 minutes).

How many people commute in UK?

Of the 27 million workers across England, by far the most usual method of travel to work is car; just 11% take the train. However, the share of train commuters has been increasing and is up from 1.6 million commuters (7%) in 2002 to 2.9 million at the last count.

What is a reasonable commute to work UK?

Statistics show that the average commute time for a UK worker is 1 hour and 38 minutes and the average cost per month is £160. With the average mortgage reported at £772 per month, this means the average worker in the UK is paying the equivalent of 21 percent of their mortgage to commute to work.

Which country commutes the most?

Transport > Commute > Distance: Countries Compared

1 Egypt 39.82 km
2 Singapore 24 km
3 Denmark 22.67 km
4 Japan 18.88 km

What is a reasonable commute to work?

A National Personal Transportation Survey found that the average commute time was roughly 20 minutes each way. This is similar to a recent UC Davis study that estimates the average work commute to be around 30 minutes.

Is a one hour commute worth it?

The biggest and most obvious advantage of a shorter commute is the time you’ll save. If you’re able to trim off 30 minutes of commuting each way, that’s an hour a day, which saves you 250 hours of time every year (if you work five days per week and have two weeks of vacation).

How far do you commute to work UK?

According to respondents, the average commute time in the UK is now 62 minutes a day, with 15% of workers commuting for 102 minutes or more. 23 miles is the average round trip, while 14% of commuters travel over 42 miles a day.

Where can I find travel to work area data?

Employment rate Employment data1 for travel to work areas (TTWAs) is available from the Annual Population Survey (APS). The APS is a continuous household survey which collects data on a range of social and socio-economic variables at local levels.

Are there any travel to work estimates from 2001?

Travel to work estimates from the 2001 Census, for example in UV39, are not compatible with this estimates in this dataset because of the differences in the way that people who indicated that they work from home but also have a method of travel to work have been handled. Estimates that are compatible with 2001 are available in dataset CT0015.

What makes up a travel to work area?

Travel to Work Areas (TTWAs) are zones defined where the bulk of their resident population work within the same area. TTWAs are aggregations of Super Output Areas, and were created based on the 2011 Census, which collected information on the place of residence and work (if applicable).

Who is the author of travel to work areas?

The Travel to work areas (TTWAs) and alternative TTWA boundaries used in this article were produced by professor Mike Coombes of Newcastle University. 2. Main points