What is the jumper setting of the hard drive?

You may have pins on the back of your hard drive that nothing is connected to. These pins are called jumpers, and are used to enable specific types of settings. You enable particular settings by placing a jumper shunt onto specific pins—creating an electrical circuit between them.

How do you set up a IDE hard drive jumper?

Connect the drive using the Master connector on the primary IDE cable. Set the second hard disk jumper to Slave (use the Cable Select selection if Cable Select was set on the first hard drive). Connect the drive using the Slave connector on the primary IDE cable. Set the CD/DVD drive jumper as Cable Select.

When installing a SATA drive the jumpers should be set to?

Four-Pin Seagate SATA Drives

  1. Locate the jumper block on the back of the Seagate SATA hard drive.
  2. Place the jumper over the first and second pin on the right to limit the drive’s data transfer to 1.5 Gigabits per second when it is being used in a server or multi-drive desktop with slow hard drives.

What is a jumper block?

In a computer, a jumper is a pair of prongs that are electrical contact points set into the computer motherboard or an adapter card . When you set a jumper, you place a plug on the prongs that completes a contact. A group of jumpers is sometimes called a jumper block .

What does the jumper block allow you to do?

More properly called a jumper block, a jumper is a small plastic block with embedded metal contacts that may be used to bridge two pins to form an electrical connection. When a jumper block bridges two pins, that connection is called on, closed, shorted, or enabled.

What is SSC enabled on hard drives?

Many hardware devices that put out enough electromagnetic interference, or EMI, to interfere with the reception of TVs and radios have a feature known as spread spectrum clocking (SSC). However, SSC is not well understood by many people. It is usually disabled by default.

What is IDE configuration?

IDE—This setting makes the SATA drive act like PATA (IDE) hard disk drives that were once common in Windows-based systems. When this setting is used, the SATA drive can’t use advanced features, such as native command queuing and hot-plugging, and SATA 3Gbps and 6Gbps drives run at only 1.5Gbps.

What is Spread Spectrum clocking HDD?

Spread Spectrum Clock Generation (SSCG) is an efficient approach to reducing electro-magnetic interference emissions in many high-speed digital systems including hard disk drives. That’s because it increases the size, weight and cost of the system.

How do you use a jumper pin?

To change a jumper setting, pull the plug off its pin(s) and carefully fit it down onto the pin(s) indicated. A jumper is referred to as open or unjumpered when the plug is pushed down over only one pin or if there is no plug at all. When the plug is pushed down over two pins, the jumper is referred to as jumpered.

Is jumper a sweater?

Jumper. A jumper is very similar to a sweater, and both words tend to be used to describe the same item. A jumper is a long-sleeved item worn on the top half of your body, and like a sweater, is usually considered knitted or crocheted, but also seen made of jersey fabric or cotton too.

What’s the jumper setting on a Maxtor drive?

Maxtor (and Quantum) drives follow the jumper configuration noted below: The drive is configured at the factory for a cable select setting. This allows the drive to assume the proper role of master or slave based on the connector used on the cable (see the UltraATA cable figure above ).

Do you need to change the jumper setting on Western Digital drives?

Jumper settings will vary, depending on the drive model. There is generally no need to change the default jumper setting in order to use the drive. Your drive’s label will show the exact jumper settings your drive supports. See the images below for examples of our most common jumper settings.

How do I jumper a Seagate Maxtor ATA drive?

If you are connecting the drive to an older system that has a pre-UDMA Mode 3 ATA controller, or you are connecting this to a cable with a slave device that doesn’t have a cable select jumper setting, jumper the drive as Master instead by putting a jumper on the first vertical set of pins closest to the data cable.

What should the jumper settings be for Seagate?

Master or single drive. If you are installing your Seagate hard drive as the only drive in the system or if it will be the primary boot drive for the system, the jumper should be set as Cable Select.