What is the conjugation of avoir?

Verb tables: Avoir

Person Present (I have) Imperfect (I had / was having)
1st Singular. j’ai j’avais
2nd Singular tu as tu avais
3rd Singular il / elle / on a il (..) avait
1st plural nous avons nous avions

What is the Imparfait of prendre?

‘prendre’ is the model of its conjugation….indicatif.

il, elle, on prenait
nous prenions
vous preniez
ils, elles prenaient

What is the verb etre in French?

The French verb être means to be. It can be used in its various conjugations to form descriptions when paired with adjectives.

What is the conjugation of aller in French?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
je / j’ vais allais
tu vas allais
il va allait
nous allons allions

How do you conjugate the name avoir?

Let’s conjugate AVOIR

  1. I have = J’ai. I have two dogs = J’ai deux chiens.
  2. You have = Tu as (casual) You have a big problem = Tu as un gros problème.
  3. She has = Elle a.
  4. He has = Il a.
  5. We have = on a.
  6. We have = nous avons.
  7. You have = vous avez (formal or you all)
  8. They have = Elles ont (for an exclusively feminine group)

What is an avoir?

Avoir is one of the most important verbs in the French language. Not only does it mean ‘to have’, but avoir is also an important helping verb that creates the passé composé as well as the future perfect and the pluperfect.

What is the infinitive of prendre?

This verb is irregular because the je, tu, il/elle/on forms all keep the ‘d’ from the infinitive prendre, but the nous, vous, and ils/elles forms drop the ‘d,’ and the ils/elles form even adds an extra ‘n’!…

Subject Pronoun Prendre Conjugation
tu tu prends
il/elle/on il/elle/on prend
nous nous prenons
vous vous prenez

Is prendre past tense?

By this point you’ve got two tenses of prendre – the past and the present. So let’s add in the future! Le futur (the future tense) is used in almost the exact same way that it is in English. In order to form the future tense, the verb prendre takes the verbal stem prendr- and adds on the regular endings for the future.

How do you use etre?

We use être as a main verb in the following cases:

  1. with adjectives. Example: Tu es sympa. You are nice.
  2. to identify things/people (description, nationality, professions, …) Example: C’est Laura. Elle est française. Elle est professeur.
  3. for dates and times. Example: Aujourd’hui on est le 20 août. Il est 9 heures.

What are the 13 etre verbs?

Each letter in ADVENT stands for one of the verbs and its opposite, plus one extra verb, for a total of thirteen.

  • Arriver – Partir.
  • Descendre – Monter.
  • Venir – Aller.
  • Entrer – Sortir.
  • Naître – Mourir.
  • Tomber – Rester.
  • Retourner.

What are the six forms of Aller?

Terms in this set (6)

  • je vais. I go. I am going.
  • tu vas. you go. you are going.
  • il, elle, on va. he, she, one goes. he, she, one is going.
  • nous allons. we go. we are going.
  • vous allez. you go. you are going.
  • ils, elles vont. they go. they are going.

What is le passé Composé?

The passé composé (French pronunciation: ​[paˈse kɔ̃poˈze], compound past) is the most used past tense in the modern French language. It is used to express an action that has been finished completely or incompletely at the time of speech, or at some (possibly unknown) time in the past.

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