Where can I listen to the Vinyl Cafe?

Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean | Live Radio | CBC Listen.

Is Dave from Vinyl Cafe real?

The name “Vinyl Cafe” referred both to the show’s musical content and the fictional record shop owned by McLean’s character Dave. This aspect of the show had spawned a number of books of short stories, as well as audio recordings.

Is Vinyl Cafe still on CBC?

ABOUT THE VINYL CAFE It was on the air from 1994-2016. Periodically, The Vinyl Cafe returns to its old home on CBC Radio.

What happened to the Vinyl Cafe?

Cancer treatment and death. Following McLean’s diagnosis with melanoma in November 2015, The Vinyl Cafe stopped touring and producing episodes.

Where do Dave and Morley live?

Vinyl Cafe is one of the CBC Radio’s most popular weekend shows and its main characters, the comedic husband and wife duo of Dave and Morley from the fictional town of Big Narrows, are set as being from Cape Breton. For McLean, Dave and Morley could be from anywhere in Atlantic Canada.

Is Vinyl Cafe on Spotify?

Vinyl Cafe New Stories – Album by Stuart McLean | Spotify.

What is Dave and Morley’s last name?

Characters. The major characters in the stories are Dave, Morley, their family and assorted friends and neighbours. The family’s last name is never mentioned, although in one story Dave’s mother’s name is given as Margaret McNeal.

Was Stuart McLean married?

Linda Readm. 1982–2002
Stuart McLean/Spouse

Is Stuart McLean alive?

Deceased (1948–2017)
Stuart McLean/Living or Deceased

Is Stuart McLEAN alive?

Is Michael Enright retiring?

May 24, 2020—Veteran broadcaster Michael Enright today announced that he will step down from hosting CBC Radio One’s THE SUNDAY EDITION at the end of this season to create a new, unique one-hour radio program. Enright’s last day of hosting the beloved weekly deep-dive will be Sunday, June 28.

Who wrote the Vinyl Cafe stories?

Stuart McLean
Stories from the Vinyl Cafe/Authors
About the Author STUART McLEAN was a bestselling author, award-winning journalist and humorist, and host of the CBC Radio program The Vinyl Cafe. McLean was awarded the Canadian Authors Association Jubilee Award in 2004. He is also a three-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour.

What are the stories on the Vinyl Cafe podcast?

The Vinyl Cafe returns this summer! Recorded live at venues across the country, each podcast contains an hour of music, laughter and stories from Canada’s favourite storyteller, the late, great Stuart McLean. Stories this season include fan favourites such as The Tank of Tranquility (where Dave

Who is Stuart McLean and what is the Vinyl Cafe?

Featuring Canada’s favourite storyteller, the late Stuart McLean, the Vinyl Cafe is a blend of stories, essays and music, recorded at live concerts across Canada. McLean’s hilarious stories are about Dave, owner of a second-hand record store, and assorted family, friends and neighbours.

Why do you need listen notes for Vinyl Cafe?

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What do Dave and Charlie do in the Vinyl Cafe?

Dave’s enthusiasms throw the neighbourhood into chaos, as a rare bird in his backyard starts to attract all kinds of attention. Dave and his dad, Charlie, go fishing and net an unusual catch: the famous king cod. The Vinyl Cafe returns this summer!