What is the chemical formula of sodium tetrathionate?

Sodium tetrathionate is a salt of sodium and tetrathionate with the formula Na2S4O6xH2O. The salt normally is obtained as the dihydrate (x = 2). It is a colorless, water-soluble solid. It is one member of the polythionates, which have the formula [Sn(SO3)2]2-.

What is s4o62 called?

The tetrathionate anion, S. 4O 2−

What is Sodiums formula?

Molecular Formula. Na. Synonyms. 7440-23-5.

What is the formula of sodium meta aluminate?

Answer: Sodium meta aluminate is a commonly accepted type of sodium aluminate (NaAlO2). It is a white crystalline solid with a formula given as NaAlO2, NaAl(OH)4 in the hydrated form, Na2O·Al2O3 or Na2Al2O4 in various forms.

What is the hypo solution?

Hypo Solution is the abbreviation for sodium thiosulphate or sodium hyposulphite. It is used for both film and photographic paper processing, the sodium thiosulfate is known as a photographic fixer and is often referred to as ‘hypo’, from the original chemical name, hyposulphite of soda.

What is S2O5 chemistry?

copper (II) nitrite. Name the compound CI3. carbon triodine. Name the compound S2O5. disulfur pentoxide.

What is the oxidation number of s4o62?

Average oxidation number of sulphur in S4​O62−​ is +2.

What is the formula of sodium chloride write 1 use?

Sodium chloride

PubChem CID 5234
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula ClNa or NaCl
Synonyms sodium chloride 7647-14-5 Salt Halite Table salt More…
Molecular Weight 58.44

What is Sodiums molar mass?

22.989769 u
Sodium/Atomic mass

What is meta in sodium meta aluminate?

Sodium meta aluminate forms when two water molecules are associated with sodium aluminate chemical compound. Therefore, it is a dihydrated form. Normally, AlO2– ion is called “meta” while the AlO33- ion is called the “ortho” compound. The term “meta” refers to the least hydrated form of sodium aluminate.

What’s the difference between aluminate and meta aluminate?

Aluminate and meta aluminate are two related anionic forms. The key difference between aluminate and metal aluminate is that aluminate is an oxide anion, whereas meta aluminate is a hydroxide anion. Moreover, the aluminate anion is an oxyanion while the meta aluminate is a hydrated oxyanion.

What is hypo solution formula?

As the name suggested, chemical formula of hypo solution is Na2S2O3.