What is difference between UPGMA and NJ?

The Unweighted Pair-Group Method with Arithmetic Averaging (UPGMA) algorithm (left) assumes equal rates of evolution, so that branch tips come out equal. The Neighbor-Joining (NJ) (right) algorithm allows for unequal rates of evolution, so that branch lengths are proportional to amount of change.

Why is UPGMA an unreliable method?

The great disadvantage of UPGMA is that it assumes the same evolutionary speed on all lineages, i.e. the rate of mutations is constant over time and for all lineages in the tree. This is called a ‘molecular clock hypothesis’. This would mean that all leaves (terminal nodes) have the same distance from the root.

What is the difference between UPGMA and neighbor joining?

The key difference between UPGMA and neighbor joining tree is the type of the phylogenetic tree resulting from each method. UPGMA is the technique of constructing a rooted phylogenetic tree while neighbor joining tree is the technique of constructing an unrooted phylogenetic tree.

What is a UPGMA used for?

UPGMA: Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean: A simple clustering method that assumes a constant rate of evolution (molecular clock hypothesis). It needs a distance matrix of the analysed taxa that can be calculated from a multiple alignment.

Is a UPGMA tree rooted?

The most important practical issues: UPGMA provides rooted tree as a result, while NJ unrooted, and you have to take care proper rooting the NJ tree afterward.

What is Ultrametric distance?

Define the distance between two different words to be 2−n, where n is the first place at which the words differ. The resulting metric is an ultrametric. The set of words with glued ends of the length n over some alphabet Σ is an ultrametric space with respect to the p-close distance.

Is an UPGMA tree rooted?

What type of cluster analysis is UPGMA?

UPGMA (unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean) is a simple agglomerative (bottom-up) hierarchical clustering method.

What are the differences between the parsimony and distance methods?

The primary difference between these methods and distances is that parsimony, likelihood, and Bayesian methods fit individual characters to the tree, whereas distance methods fit all the characters at once.

Is maximum likelihood better than maximum parsimony?

When the degree of variance among the genetic data is lower, the maximum likelihood scores are reliable. The results generated through maximum likelihood further confirms the maximum parsimony scores of a particular phylogenetic relationship. Therefore, maximum likelihood analysis acts as a confirmative test.

How does UPGMA method work?

UPGMA (unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean) is a simple agglomerative (bottom-up) hierarchical clustering method. Thus the simple averaging in WPGMA produces a weighted result and the proportional averaging in UPGMA produces an unweighted result (see the working example).

How is UPGMA and molecular clocks similar?

UPGMA is “ultrametric”, meaning that all the terminal nodes (i.e. the sequences/taxa) are equally distance from the root. In molecular terms, this means that UPGMA assumes a molecular clock, i.e. all lineages are evolving at a constant rate. Each round of UPGMA follows the same pattern.

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