What is a site notice expiry date?

The date will be 21 days from the date on the notice. Representations received after the 21-day period do not have to be taken into account, but if a decision has not yet been made such comments will be taken into account wherever possible.

How long does a site notice need to be displayed?

The application must be received by the local authority within 2 weeks of the notice appearing in the local newspaper and the erection of the site notice. The site notice must remain in place for at least 5 weeks from the date of receipt of the planning application.

What is expiry date on planning permission?

three years
By law, any planning permission granted expires after a certain period. Generally, unless your permission says otherwise, you have three years from the date it’s granted to begin the development. If you haven’t started work by then, you will probably need to reapply.

What is the site notice?

Where the land or structure to which a planning application relates does not adjoin a public road, a Site Notice shall be erected or fixed in a conspicuous position on the land or structure so as to be easily visible and legible by persons outside the land or structure, and shall not be obscured or concealed at any …

Who are statutory consultees?

Statutory consultees are those organisations and bodies, defined by statute, which local planning authorities are legally required to consult before reaching a decision on relevant planning applications.

How long is Ni planning?

within eight weeks
A decision should be made within eight weeks, although large and complex applications may take longer. If it is approved, the work can begin.

How long is retention planning?

Generally, the local planning authority must make an initial decision on a planning application within 8 weeks of receiving the application and a further 4 weeks for a final decision or Final Grant of permission. The process may take longer should the authority need further information, or if any appeals were lodged.

How do I stop planning permission expiring?

In order to stop planning lapsing on a site with full planning you can either; Submit a Planning Renewal application – whereby you re-submit the original planning application, at one-quarter of the original fee price.

What is the 10 year rule in planning permission?

‘THE 10 YEAR RULE’ applies to a Change of Use to land and buildings which must have existed in excess of 10 years before it can be protected from enforcement action. Therefore you may have a perfectly adequate building but no lawful use for it.

What is a yellow site notice?

of the site or part of the site to which the first application related, the site notice shall be inscribed or printed in indelible ink on a yellow background and affixed on rigid, durable material and be secured against damage from bad weather and other causes. ▪

What are non statutory consultees?

Non-statutory consultees: are organisations and bodies, identified in national planning policy, circulars, guidance and technical advice notes, who should be consulted on relevant planning applications.

How long does a site notice have to stay in place?

The site notice must remain in place for at least 5 weeks from the date of receipt of the planning application. (Please note, nine days over Christmas, from 24 December to 1 January, are not taken into account when calculating the 5-week period).

Is there an extension to the statutory expiry date?

If the applicant of their agent has agreed an extension to the statutory expiry date, this will be shown here. That date the decision on the application was made. This date is not recorded in our back office system so will always state ‘Not available’. The date that the decision notice was issued to the applicant or their agent.

What do I need to do to get a site notice?

You must give a public notice of your proposals before making an application. This must be done by placing a notice in a locally circulating newspaper (your local authority will have a list) and putting up a site notice that can be clearly read.

What does the expiry date of a letter of credit mean?

Expiry Date : The beneficiary has to present the documents to nominated bank on or before the expiry date of the l/c. If the beneficiary can not make the presentation on time, the letter of credit will be terminated and will not be valid any more. TAGS.