What does the acronym CV mean?

Curriculum Vitae

What is the abbreviation for Street?

Street Names A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | T | U | V | W |Primary Street NamePostal Service Standard AbbreviationAALLEYALYANNEXANX268



What state does me stand for?

State Abbreviations – Who We Are – USPS – About USPS homeabout.usps.com › who-we-are › postal-history › state-abbr…about.usps.com › who-we-are › postal-history › state-abbr…

What are the 50 US states?

Alphabetical List of 50 StatesAlabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. Florida. Indiana. Iowa. Kansas. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts. Nebraska. Nevada. New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. Rhode Island. South Carolina. South Dakota. Tennessee. Texas. Utah. Vermont. Virginia.

Is Arkansas AK or AR?


What state is WA in America?

US State Abbreviations – State Capitals – State LinksUS States, Capitals, and Government LinksWashingtonWash.WAWest VirginiaW.Va.WVWisconsinWis.WIWyomingWyo.WY47

Why is DC not in Washington?

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and also known as D.C. or Washington, is the capital city of the United States of America. The U.S. Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the U.S. Congress, and the district is therefore not a part of any U.S. state.

What is the capital of America?

Washington, D.C.

Is Washington the same as Washington DC?

Washington is a state, on the west coast of the United States north of Oregon. Washington DC is the District of Columbia, where the seat of government and the white house is located. Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

What is District of Columbia mean?

“D.C.” stands for the “District of Columbia” which is the federal district containing the city of Washington. The city is named for George Washington, military leader of the American Revolution and the first President of the United States.

Why is there two Washingtons in the US?

Why do we have two Washingtons? Because it’s better than having two Columbias. Congress agreed to grant the settlers independence from Oregon, but named their new state Washington to honor the first president.

What is Washington famous for?

Washington is a northwestern state that’s home to snow-capped mountains, giant evergreens, forested islands, and even five active volcanoes. The state’s largest city, Seattle, has a buzzing music and technology scene and is famous for its coffeehouses and museums.

Who is the most famous person from Washington?

Born in WashingtonDove Cameron, 24. TV Actress.Vinnie Hacker, 18. TikTok Star.Daniel Seavey, 21. Pop Singer.Carson Lueders, 19. Pop Singer.Rosanna Pansino, 35. YouTube Star.Bill Gates, 65. Entrepreneur.Infinite, 23. YouTube Star.Lil Mosey, 18. Rapper.

What are 5 interesting facts about Washington State?

The state of Washington is the only state to be named after a United States president. Seattle is home to the first revolving restaurant, 1961. Washington state produces more apples than any other state in the union. Washington state has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined.

What is Washington’s nickname?

The Evergreen State

What is Seattle slogan?

The City of Flowers

What is the nickname for Seattle?

the Emerald City