How do I know if my trailer wheel bearings are bad?

If noise is heard, check for a bad bearing or if lubrication is needed. Check for Heat – Tow the trailer for a short distance, 5-10 miles at highways speeds, then park the trailer. Place your hand on each of the wheel hubs of the trailer. If it is too warm to hold your hand in place, you may have a bad bearing.

How do I know if my trailer bearings are good?

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What happens when a trailer bearing fails?

A wheel bearing failure can have serious consequences if it occurs while driving at highway speeds and the vehicle loses a wheel. That’s why the wheel bearings should always be inspected for looseness or roughness when the brakes are serviced. Basic Checking. It’s hard to detect damage through noise alone.

How often should I grease my trailer bearings?

every 10,000 to 12,000 miles