What determines the speed of a laptop?

You have a laptop, but you notice that the laptop is getting slower. In the beginning you were happy with the speed, but over the years it has become increasingly difficult to use your laptop. The programs start slowly, the laptop often freezes and you have no idea how this could happen.

There are a number of things that determine the speed of your laptop. But what then determines the speed? In this blog post you can read more about how the speed of your laptop is determined, but also how it is that your laptop slows down over time.

The processor

You can see a processor as the heart of your computer. A processor plays a major role in the speed of your laptop. This chip is mainly responsible for the calculations of everything you do on the laptop. As a rule, it is said that the faster your processor is, the more computing power the computer has and the faster tasks you want to perform on your laptop will actually be performed.

However, it is important that other parts of your laptop are properly combined with the processor. A laptop always adapts the performance to the slowest part in the laptop. A fast laptop is often equipped with an I3 – I5 or I7 processor. In addition, the I8 or I9 are also increasingly common. usb c hdmi hub ports are now found on all manner of devices, from simple external hard drives to high-end laptops and the latest smartphones.

The internal memory 

Internal memory ensures that your laptop can start up quickly and ensures that programs are loaded easily. If you want to buy a good laptop, it is best to ensure that there is somewhere between 4GB and 8GB of internal memory. In addition, in some cases it is also possible to increase the internal memory of your laptop. If you are currently experiencing a laptop that is too slow, I recommend that you go to a computer store in your area to see if you can store more memory in your laptop.

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The motherboard is the part of the laptop that connects all parts together. In most cases, a motherboard won’t slow down a laptop as quickly, but if you’ve had the same laptop for several years, all of your laptop’s components may be outdated. Often there are no more options to upgrade and it is a good idea to take a look at a new laptop.

The hard drive

Nowadays almost all laptops are equipped with an SSD drive. With this hard drive, your laptop boots within seconds. All laptops used to be equipped with an HDD disk. You often had to wait a few minutes and sometimes half an hour before you could use your laptop.

If you suffer from a slow laptop and you do not yet have a laptop that has an SSD drive, I definitely recommend that you see if it is possible to build an SSD drive in your laptop, otherwise I recommend that you look at a newer laptop that does have an SSD drive. The usb c multi hub connector looks similar to a micro USB connector at first glance, though it’s more oval in shape and slightly thicker to accommodate its best feature.

The video card

Applications and games demand more and more from your laptop, mainly due to the visual effects. Especially if you occasionally want to play a game on your laptop, it is important that you choose a video card that is suitable for this. One of the best-known gaming video cards are Geforce video cards. When choosing the right video card for your laptop, it is especially important that you pay attention to the number of GHz that the video card has, but also the amount of memory.

What determines the speed of a laptop?

Especially if you want to game a lot, it is best to ensure that those values ​​are the highest. Most laptops have an “on board” video card. That means that the video card is attached to the motherboard. That does not have to be a problem, as long as the speed of the video card is as high as possible.