How to Organize Successful Bridal Shower Party?


Wish to have a blast in 2021 but stuck with the same old stuff – is the cry of the party person any time of the day. Do not let the creative roll go blank and classy night out plans go dull because of the lack of organization and planning. To be successful in throwing a great hen’s party or bridal shower party, take time with the ideas we have here.

Hen Night in the UK and Australia

In the old English he wasn’t always associated with a female chicken, but in general with any ‘Female’. Today, when we talk about hens’ party or hen party it means something exclusively for ladies. Bridal showers, on the other hand, differ from hen parties as the tone and conduct are more formal, sophisticated, and often include afternoon tea and gifts. This term or jargon is in use in the UK and Australia, more informally. Look for local planners like hens night Brisbane for a clear understanding of the cultures.

Because bridal showers are prenuptial rites with roots in North America, the construct of hen night is a mix and match of the two. Basically, this is a joyful event, and the bride’s loved ones and friends come together to celebrate with drinks and food, and some surprises.

Involve the Bride in the Plans for Ease

These plans should take place a month or two before the marriage and the wedding ceremony should not cause issues with this, for instance, movement, logistics, holidays, and availability. Assign duties to people who are responsible for planning and preparations well in advance. In general, success depends on involving the bride to know the details because this will help incorporate her wishes.

  • Originally bridal shower parties used to be surprising for the bride, but things are different now.
  • Brides desire a certain level of control here and would love the surprises in other areas still, after the basic planning.
  • Involve her in learning the type of activities she is willing to participate in so that it does not create problems later.

Where Would You Like to Go: Venue Is Key

Because the planning starts a few months in advance look properly at the place, and the spot. Decide whether you want a city like Brisbane or the countryside a bit away from the main hustle. While organizing city-style hen’s night is less tiresome with help of event planners, other areas might not be that simple. But, if you have your own place, house, and stuff, a lot of things can become cheaper and save costs.

  • Decide the venue, and the theme of the bridal shower party, because they go hand in hand. For example, some themes like including a treasure hunt are more appropriate in outdoor settings.
  • Booking the venue is important. For example in a city in Australia, a proper hotel, etc spot may not be available for instant booking.
  • Bride’s home may give you access to private rooms, pools, etc but a hotel will have its own restaurant, spa, and so on.

Who All to Invite: Should Decide Things?

Before you begin planning ideas, locations, food, and accommodation, find out how many are coming. Invitation cards are formal ways to send an invite and they should reach guests early. Take time to prepare them, check dates, and locations. Some prefer handwritten, custom prints, and some use online. At any cost, ensure that the list of guests is not a surprise to the bride. Send cards to everyone close to her.

Wedding Shower Menu

A big part of a bridal shower party is organizing the menu. Of course, city event planners like hens night packages can help sort it out, but the next step right after choosing the venue, guest list, and dates deciding the food menu.

Food and drinks are always the center of every party, especially a bridal shower party. For a hen night, there may be just drinks and a lot of fun.

The food should coincide with the theme of the shower party. This adds a lot of creativity.


Your Brisbane hen’s night celebration and bridal shower may begin with a meeting and greeting. But after the camera roll fills up, there has to be something to spice things up.

  • Build a treasure hunt to solve quizzes, puzzles, and solve some creative challenges.
  • Stretch around in a luxe limousine cruise with dinner.
  • Step barefoot into the waterfront and graze the food platters.
  • Enjoy a hen’s dance class she would remember for life.
  • Life drawing of buff and muscular man and servings from a bar.

In all, hen nights and bridal shower parties should be memorable, and ideas themes that are fresh make it a success.