What company owns Life Time Fitness?

Life Time Fitness

Formerly FCA ltd.
Key people Bahram Akradi Founder/Chairman/CEO
Owner Leonard Green & Partners TPG Capital
Number of employees 36,000
Website lifetime.life

How much is a gym membership at Life Time?

Lifetime Fitness Prices See Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost

First Person
Initiation Fee (One Person) $49.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) $79.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) $0.00

Is Life Time Fitness nationwide?

More than 30,000 Life Time professionals are dedicated to providing the best programs and experiences at more than 150 Life Time athletic resort destinations in the United States and Canada, and via a complementary, comprehensive digital platform and portfolio of iconic athletic events – all with the objective of …

Can you use your Life Time membership at any location?

Because general access to Life Time’s centers varies by membership level or type, you must have the required membership and be in good standing to be granted general access to a center. If you lose your membership card, you may have to pay a fee to replace it.

Is Lifetime Fitness privately owned?

Life Time Fitness has returned to operation as a private company. An investor group led by affiliates of Leonard Green & Partners and TPG completed their previously announced purchase of the Chanhassen, Minnesota-based company on Wednesday.

Did Lifetime Fitness get bought out?

Flickr / Richard Giles Private equity firms Leonard Green & Partners and TPG Capital have struck a $4 billion deal to buy Life Time Fitness, the investors announced early Monday.

Can you negotiate Lifetime Fitness?

Although Life Time doesn’t negotiate fees, it does offer incentives throughout the year. Finally, if you have friends who belong to the gym you’d like to join, don’t be afraid to ask them how much they pay per month and if they were charged a membership fee.

Is Life Time athletic expensive?

Life Time Fitness membership starts at about $60-70 per month for an individual member and access to just your one, local club. You can pay more per month if you’d like to access all clubs in your area (will vary based on where you live) and even more to access all Life Time Fitness locations nationally.

Is LifeTime Fitness privately owned?

Where is the biggest LifeTime fitness?

Life Time Athletic unveils $50M-plus facility in south Charlotte (PHOTOS) Life Time Athletic’s $50-million plus facility is ready for its Charlotte debut. That flagship facility boasts a 320,000-square-foot, indoor-outdoor footprint — the company’s largest nationwide — at 11220 Golf Links Drive.

Can you negotiate LifeTime Fitness?

How much is a one life membership?

It costs $55 a month but has a one-time fee of $149. The gyms have also been known to lower those extra fees on occasion, so it’s definitely worth trying to negotiate. To make sure OneLife is right for you, you can sign up for a free trial pass and test drive the gym to make sure it has everything you need.