How much does eye surgery cost in Thailand?

Eye Surgery Packages

Procedure Length of Stay (Night) Price (Baht)
Phaco Monotoric Len 1 eye (LA) OPD 100,000
Phaco Bifocal / EDOF Lens 1 eye OPD 113,800
Phaco Bifocal-Toric / EDOF-Toric Lens 1 eye OPD 148,400
Phaco Trifocal Lens 1 eye (LA) OPD 136,800

Which country is cheapest for laser eye surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery Abroad

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Is LASIK really only 250 per eye?

First of all $250 per eye is a scam. No one ever qualifies to have LASIK for that low of a price. Those candidates have a prescription that is negligible and does not affect their vision. The power they need is so small they wouldn’t even buy a pair of glasses to correct that, nor would they have LASIK.

How much should I expect to pay for LASIK?

On average, LASIK costs range between $2,000 to $3,000 per eye and is not covered by insurance because the procedure is deemed cosmetic or elective. LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a popular eye surgery that corrects vision in people who are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism.

How long does LASIK last for?

For the majority of people who have LASIK, they remain happy with their vision after 10 years. One study found that 35 percent of individuals who had LASIK needed retreatment over 10 years.

What is SBK LASIK?

SBK Lasik is also known as thin flap Lasik surgery, as a laser is used to create a thin flap in the corneas. Again another laser is used to rectify the cornea or reshape the corneal tissues to correct refractive error and bring in clarity in eyesight. This procedure is also known s the ‘Sub-Bowman keratomileusis’.

How much does LASIK cost in Europe?

Cost of LASIK per eye

Norway €600 to €1,000 (US$700 to $1,200)
United Kingdom €1,200 to €3,000 (US$1,500 to $3,600)
Spain €2,500 (US$3,000)

How long is recovery for LASIK?

The immediate recovery period for LASIK generally lasts six to 12 hours, but it varies by patient, depending on several factors. Most patients see clearly within 24 hours after vision correction surgery, but others take two to five days to recover.

Does LASIK last forever?

But, LASIK is permanent. LASIK permanently corrects the vision prescription that you have at the time of surgery. This means that it cannot wear off. However, any underlying conditions such as presbyopia that progress over time can cause changes to your vision, making the original LASIK procedure less effective.

Are you awake during LASIK?

Yes, you will be awake for your entire LASIK corrective eye surgery procedure. Some people assume because they are undergoing a surgical procedure that they will be given anesthesia and be put to sleep. Yet, unlike other types of surgeries, laser surgery only takes a few minutes to complete.

Can you go blind from LASIK?

LASIK surgery itself does not cause blindness, and most cases of LASIK complications are avoidable by following aftercare procedures set forth by your surgeon. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or anything alarming after your LASIK surgery, contact an ophthalmologist immediately.

Where can I get laser eye surgery in Thailand?

Lasik Phuket International Hospital, located in Ao Po, Phuket, Thailand offers patients Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) procedures among its total of 2 available procedures, across 1 different specialties. The cost of a Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) procedure starts from Price on request, whilst the national average price is approximately $2,002.

How much does it cost for laser eye surgery?

The cost of a Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) procedure ranges from £1,498 to £1,922, whilst the national average price is approximately £1,495.

Which is the best hospital for LASIK surgery?

LASIK is an effective high technology for refractive error correction with Microkeratome, the latest equipment to widen the cornea then shoot the laser to adjust the curve of the cornea painlessly with the most accurate result. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital is the main hospital of the Samitivej hospitals group.