How does DesignBuilder work?

DesignBuilder is a user-friendly modelling environment where you can work (and play) with virtual building models. It provides a range of environmental performance data such as: energy consumption, carbon emissions, comfort conditions, daylight illuminance, maximum summertime temperatures and HVAC component sizes.

How do I change the North in DesignBuilder?

How to rotate the building with respect to North? You can rotate the site (including all of the buildings on the site) relative to North by using the Site orientation data at Site level on the Location tab under Site Details. For example enter 90 to rotate the buildings clockwise by 90°.

What are the engines used in DesignBuilder?

DesignBuilder’s fully-integrated approach enables you to develop one core model and use it to run a variety of analysis types using different engines (EnergyPlus, Radiance, or CFD) without the need to import and export the model between different tools and programs.

What is energy simulation engine for DesignBuilder software?

DesignBuilder is the most established and advanced user interface to EnergyPlus, the industry standard Building Energy Simulation tool. It provides access to all of the most commonly required simulation capabilities covering building fabric, thermal mass, glazing, shading, renewables, HVAC and financial analysis.

What is architecture orientation?

orientation, (from Latin oriens, orientum, “the rising sun”), in architecture, the position of a building in relation to an east-west axis. Christian churches have usually been oriented with the apse or high altar placed at the east end, but this orientation was not always favoured.

What is orientation of a site?

Site orientation refers to the direction that your home faces in relation to the sun’s path, wind patterns, and the lot itself.

How do I submit a designbuilder support ticket?

To submit a ticket please login first at your Support Desk account using the panel at left side of the main page. Then Submit a Ticket option will be displayed. If you have purchased your licence through a DesignBuilder reseller then please send your support question directly to your reseller.

How to choose a design builder for your business?

Selecting a Design-Builder. The Design-Build process begins when you select your Design-Builder. In other methods, you would start by selecting an architect. To limit the potential risks associated with having one entity design and construct your facility, you may have a competitive bidding process for Design-Builders.

Who is the design builder in a construction company?

This entity, the Design-Builder, manages all contracts with companies, such as subcontractors, equipment vendors and materials providers. Unlike in other construction methods, owners contract only with the Design-Builder.

How does an architect work with a design builder?

Architects can be employed directly by the Design-Builder, or the Design-Builder can subcontract out specialty design to trusted architectural design partners. Architects work on the same team, under the same contract, with the Design-Builder. And all key project team members come together to form a design that balances all needs.