Does UWI offer journalism?

The Certificate in Journalism programme has been designed for both beginners and practising journalists who want to be prepared to perform more effectively in a 21st century media environment. …

What is digital media production about?

Digital media production is the process in which digital files are created, enhanced, encoded, and distributed using numerous methods of processing via computer hardware and software applications. These files represent assorted media types, including audio, video, graphic, and written content as seen on the Internet.

Can you do 6 courses in UWI?

What are the criteria for taking an extra course? A full time student is usually expected to register for a maximum of thirty (30) credits in any one academic year while a part-time student is eligible for a maximum load of 6 courses or eighteen (18) credits for an academic year.

How many subjects do you need to go to UWI?

Five CSEC subjects (General Proficiency Grades I-III) and/or GCE O’Levels/ BGCSE (Grades A-C) in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics AND Three double Units CAPE subjects or 3 A- Level subjects including Chemistry, Biology and any other subject.

What are the CXC subjects needed to become a lawyer?

Three years Full-Time. Six CSEC subjects, (General Proficiency Grades 1-III or equivalents) in English Language, Mathematics or Physics, Biology or Human and Social Biology, one other science subject in addition to two other subjects.

What is an override in UWI?

Overrides are permissions granted by a faculty to a student, to register for a course where. the student would have encountered a restriction preventing registration. Overrides. granted do not register the student for a course it allows the student to subsequently. register without receiving an error message.

How many credits do you need to graduate UWI?

a. Have completed a minimum of 90 credits of which at least 30 credits are from Level I semester courses (including the foundation course requirement) and at least 60 credits from Levels II and III semester courses.

Can I go to UWI without A levels?

Normal Matriculation (a) Passes in five subjects of which at least two must be at theCAPE/GCE A’level while the remainder may be an acceptable pass in CXC(CSEC)/GCE/BGCSE examinations.