How do I find archived IDOCs?

Display Archived IDOCs in Transaction WE01 (or any other Transaction) Click on IDOC Number. That displays the IDOC information (control, data and status segments).

How do I archive in SAP IDOCs?

Archiving and Deleting IDocs

  1. Go to the central archiving transaction with SAP Menu Administration System Administration Administration Data Archiving (transaction code SARA)
  2. Enter the archiving object IDOC and choose the required action, here .

How do I delete failed IDOCs?

There are two options to delete an IDoc. The first option is to change the IDoc status, e.g. reset it to status 31 (error, no more processing) or to status 38 (IDoc archived). The IDoc is not physically deleted, but the status is reset, so that the IDoc does not stay in a defective status in transaction BD87.

How do I archive in Sara?

1 Step by Step Archiving Procedure for Material Documents Archiving:

  1. 1.1 Write Job: Go to transaction SARA and enter the Archiving Object MM_MATBEL and hit Enter.
  2. 1.2 Deletion Job: Go back to the initial screen of SARA transaction and click on the Delete button, for the deletion of the Archived records.
  3. 1.3 Storage Job.

How do I delete old IDocs in SAP?

How to flag an Idoc to be deleted:

  1. Go to transaction BD87.
  2. Enter Idoc number, and check that the dates are correct.
  3. Click the Execute button or press F8.
  4. To delete, select the Idoc status in the tree and click EDIT -> RESTRICT AND PROCESS.
  5. Click the Execute button.
  6. Un-check the Bkgd Processing checkbox.

Can IDocs be deleted?

pass the IDoc Number to it and delete the one which you want. but iDocs don’t actually get deleted, just flagged with a deleted status (68).

How do I archive failed IDocs in SAP?

What is archive process?

The archive process selects data from a source (one or more tables in a database) and copies that data to a destination (an archive file). To archive data, you must create an archive request that includes the specifications for the data to be archived, called the access definition, and the parameters for processing.

How is archive data maintained?

Some systems make use of online data storage, which places archive data onto disk systems where it is readily accessible. Other archival systems use offline data storage in which archive data is written to tape or other removable media using data archiving software, rather than being kept online.