How much did the Suh dude NFT sell for?

Now, you can own the “original” Suh Dude video as an NFT. Yesterday, the video went on sale via Foundation. app, and has already reached a bid of 5.00 ETH, equivalent to $10,482.45.

Who invented Suh dude?

Suh Dude became a viral phenomenon in 2015. Originally created by vine stars “Nick colletti” and “Tanner Getter”. Shortly after the meme was posted, “Suh Dude” quickly became apart of everyone’s vocabulary. By owning the authenticated Suh Dude NFT, you will be owning a original piece of internet history.

What does Asa dude mean?

New Word Suggestion. Slang greeting, roughly equivalent to “How’s it going, dude?” or “What’s up, dude.”

When did Suh dude come out?

On March 23, 2015, Colletti uploaded a Vine video featuring Petulla saying (a) suh dude for What’s up, dude? (often shortened to sup).

What is the most expensive NFT ever sold?

CryptoPunk #9998
CryptoPunk #9998, part of a collection of 10,000 NFTs, “sold” for $530 million on Thursday. It’s the most expensive NFT ever sold, at least on paper. On Thursday, someone bought a CryptoPunk NFT, or nonfungible token, for 124,457 ethereum — about $532 million.

How did Nick Colletti get famous?

Colletti has boasted nearly 2 billion (that’s right BILLION) loops on the once popular video app Vine. The video that helped this friendship burst onto the mainstream was the popular Vine titled “Suh Dude.” This loop was released and on Getter’s Facebook page and received over 10,000,000 views.

What does Suh mean?

“Suh” is a combination of the words “‘sup” and the words “huh.” The idea is that when you “suh” someone, you’re not just saying hello, you’re expressing interest in whatever it is they happen to be doing at the time. It’s also considered to be stoner speak.

How do you pronounce Suh dude?

Buzzword: exclamation. Pronounced “suh-dew”.

What does Asuh mean?


Acronym Definition
ASUH American Society of the University of Haifa (New York, NY)
ASUH Associated Students of the University of Hawaii
ASUH Aman-Sehat-Utuh-Halal (Indonesian: Safe, Healthy, Whole, Halal; food certification)
ASUH Awal Sehat Untuk Hidup Sehat (Indonesian: Healthy Start for Healthy Living)

What does Suh mean in slang?

Can you make money off of NFTs?

You can stake your NFTs to earn rewards and incentives on various sites — one of them being Rplanet. A final way to indirectly make money with non-fungible tokens is through investing in startups. If there’s one thing that NFTs have proven is that they’re not a quick-passing crypto trend.