Why was FIFA Street discontinued?

EA are bringing street football back, they are looking to distance themselves from FIFA Street by adopting a new name and approach to gameplay. Though some people that were involved in FIFA Street have helped out on Volta, the new mode is aiming to be more realistic.

What FIFA has FIFA Street?

What is FIFA 21 Volta? Volta is the Portuguese word for ‘return’, is EA Sports’ latest innovation that was first introduced for FIFA 20. It allows FIFA players to take the game back to the streets – away from the glittering arenas of big clubs.

What was the last FIFA Street?

FIFA Street 3
FIFA Street 3 is an arcade-style sports game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS. It is the third game in the FIFA Street series from EA Sports BIG, and is the last title released under the brand.

What is FIFA Street based on?

FIFA Street was developed by some of the same team behind FIFA 12, including creative director Gary Paterson, and uses the FIFA 12 game engine. Sid Misra, the line producer for FIFA Street, promised “the first true quality street football experience.”

Will they ever make NFL Street?

NBA Street and NFL Street used to be some of the biggest sports games on the market. EA suddenly abandoned the Street series without warning. However, after looking further into the franchise, it’s clear why EA left the Street games behind.

Will they ever make another NBA Street?

The popular street basketball franchise hasn’t been seen since in over a decade, following NBA Street Homecourt launched for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2007….NBA Street V3.

UK Release Date Nov 1, 2021
Players 1-4
Rating E [Everyone]
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Is there a FIFA Street for ps4?

Futsal coming together. EA’s small print confirms Volta Football mode is only available in the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. …

Does Madden 21 have street?

Madden 21 has resurrected NFL Street series. The Yard game mode. This is the initial pilot version of the game mode and it has multiple upgrade features for player attributes. Take a look at the trailer and breakdown below.

When did the 2010 FIFA World Cup come out?

Announced in January 2010 during an interview with one of the producers of the game, it was released April 27, 2010 in North America. 199 of the 204 teams that took part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification are included in the game. The method of taking a penalty kick was altered on the game.

When did FIFA World Cup South Africa come out?

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is the official video game for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, published by EA Sports. The game was announced on 26 January 2010 during a GameSpot interview with Simon Humber, one of the producers of the game, and released April 27, 2010 in North America.

Who are the commentators on FIFA World Cup 2010?

The game includes Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend as the commentators, who provide insight into both sides during the match. The included teams were confirmed by Electronic Arts on 17 February 2010. The game contains 199 of the 204 national teams that took part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification process.

Who are the countries that bid for the 2010 World Cup?

Five African nations placed bids to host the 2010 World Cup: Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and a joint bid from Libya and Tunisia. Following the decision of the FIFA Executive Committee not to allow co-hosted tournaments, Tunisia withdrew from the bidding process.