Why is my FBA listing inactive?

Inactive (out-of-stock) – If Amazon has marked your listing as out-of-stock, you must add inventory and activate your listing again. You can add inventory from the Inventory option of seller central and then relist the product.

How do I fix an inactive listing?

Relist a product that is Inactive (Closed) – Inactive Listings

  1. From the Inventory menu on the Seller Central home page, select Manage Inventory.
  2. Find the Inactive (Closed) listing you’d like to relist, and click Relist from the drop-down menu on the right end of the row item.

How do I make my FBA listing inactive?

To set your listings to inactive, click the “Edit” button, select “Inactive” and then click “Submit”. Within one hour your listings will be unavailable for sale on Amazon’s website. When you are ready to sell again, simply go back to the Listings Status editing page, select “Active” and then click “Submit”.

What is an inactive listing?

An inactive listing refers to a listing that exists in Listing Mirror, that may or may not exist on live on a channel. Usually they are Amazon listings that were imported without a price or quantity during your initial import.

How do I reactivate my Amazon listing?

The easiest way to reactivate your listings is to attempt a manual reactivation by doing a simple edit on each of your ASINs.

  1. Go to your Manage Inventory Page.
  2. Click Edit on the right of each Handmade listing.
  3. Make a small update by adding space or punctuation to your description.
  4. Click Save and Finish.

How do I change an inactive listing on Amazon?

Once you’re in, click the Inventory Tab and select Manage Inventory in the drop-down. This is where you can see all of your listing on Amazon, both active and inactive. Just look for the item that you wish to edit and click the Edit button on the right.

How do I make my Amazon listing active?

hi just go to inventory,manage inventory,status,tick listed item,just by inventory click action on 1 selected,list will come down from here you can do active or non active.

How do I reactivate my Amazon seller account due to inactivity?

Click the “Reactivate your listings” link. You should see an alert along the lines of “Your listings are currently inactive in the following marketplace(s): www.amazon.com. At this time your listings are not being displayed for sale”; it will include the link that allows you to reactivate these settings.

Why is my product inactive blocked on Amazon?

An item is marked as Inactive (Blocked) in the following situations: Item was blocked by Amazon because of the pricing issues, improper product title, image, description, etc. Item violates one or multiple Amazon Program Policies, including Selling Policy and Intellectual Property Policies.

Can you reopen a closed listing on Amazon?

You can close a listing at any time, up until the time it is purchased. This action does not remove the record from your inventory. The SKU and all listing information for the item are retained. Additionally, a listing can be re-listed (or reactivated) at any time.

How long does it take to reactivate an Amazon seller account?

It can potentially take up to 72 hours for everything to be fully updated after your account got reactivated.

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