Why does CB show up in my texts?

In ICS it was either broken or disabled to show the CB# from anyone that was sending it. In JB, Verizon fixed it to display it now if the sender is sending a CB# within their text messages.

Why does my phone say every letter I type?

Go to Settings>Accessibility, and see if anything is turned on there. Also, go to Settings>Language & Input, tap the settings icon next to your keyboard, and review the options there. See if the swipe function has been turned off, or if any kind of voice feedback has been turned on.

How do I stop my iPhone from typing when I say it?

To stop iPhone from speaking corrections, you need to change the setting.Press the Home button on your iPhone.Tap the Settings icon on the home screen.Tap General and then tap Accessibility.Tap the Speak Auto-Text option to Off to stop the iPhone from speaking as you type your text messages.

How do I find out what am I good at?

A great way to figure out what your natural strengths are is to ask others. Ask people who know you well who you trust and respect what they think you’re good at. Talk to people who know you well, people you’ve worked with, and former supervisors or professors.

How do you know if you have a skill or trait?

Traits are your natural abilities. They are a part of who you are, what you do and why you do it. Skills are things you do well and what most performance comments are based upon, such as being detail-oriented, having good writing skills and being a clear communicator.

How do you know if you have a skill?

Your skills are the things you’ve learned to do well and are an important part of who you are. If you feel you’re competent or you perform the skill as well as most people, you have that skill.