Who won Holland Voice 2016?

Maan de Steenwinkel
The Voice of Holland (season 6)

The Voice of Holland
Winner Maan de Steenwinkel
Winning coach Marco Borsato
Runner-up Dave Vermeulen

Why is Anouk not on the voice?

Anouk originally signed to coach two seasons, but decided to skip the following season due to her pregnancy, therefore was replaced by Waylon in season 7.

Who won the voice senior Holland 2018?

Jimi Bellmartin
Series overview

Season First aired Winner
1 24 Aug 2018 Jimi Bellmartin
2 30 Aug 2019 Ruud Hermans
3 28 Aug 2020 Henny Thijssen

Who are the coaches on The Voice Holland?

The tenth season of the Dutch reality singing competition The Voice of Holland premiered on 8 November 2019 on RTL4….From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Voice of Holland
Hosted by Martijn Krabbé Chantal Janzen Geraldine Kemper (backstage)
Coaches Anouk Ali B Lil Kleine Waylon

Did Patricia Van haastrecht win The Voice?

Dennis van Aarssen has won the ninth season of The Voice of Holland . The singer was coached by Waylon. During the final, Dennis took on the other candidates Menno Aben, Navarone and Patricia van Haastrecht. Last year The Voice of Holland was won by Jim van der Zee.

Did Dwight Dissels win The Voice?

Dwight took part in the seventh season of The Voice Of Holland (2016 and 2017). He blew the judges away with his blind audition. Three of the four judges, including Waylon (Eurovision 2014 and 2018), turned their chairs after his first line. Throughout the weeks Dwight was one of the favourites to win the competition.

What nationality is Anouk?


Did Anouk get married?

She married Remon Stotijn (aka The Anonymous Mis), frontman of the reggae/rap band Postmen, on 16 March 2004. Stotijn is the father of three of her children; son Benjahmin Kingsley (b. 18 April 2002), son Elijah Jeramiah (b. 5 December 2003) and daughter Phoenix Ray (b.

Who won the voice Seniors 2020?

Erminio Sinni was the winner, whose victory was decidedly overwhelming: his performances in fact conquered and excited the audience, collecting the 53 percent of the total votes against the 24 e 23 percent, respectively by Elena Ferretti and Marco Guerzoni.

Who won the voice senior Germany?

Monika Smets
Monika Smets was named the winner of the season on December 15, 2019; making her the first female winner, marking Sasha Schmitz’s second win as a coach on The Voice Senior….The Voice Senior (German season 2)

The Voice Senior
Coaches Sasha Schmitz The BossHoss Yvonne Catterfeld Michael Patrick Kelly
Winner Monika Smets
Winning coach Sasha Schmitz

Who Won The Voice of Holland 2013?

Julia van der Toorn
The winner was Julia van der Toorn, mentored by Borsato. This was the first season where a coach did not win in their first season and the first to have two members of the same team in the final.

Who are the judges on The Voice Portugal?

António Zambujo
Marisa LizDiogo PiçarraAurea
The Voice Portugal/Judges

Who are the coaches for the voice of Holland Season 7?

The seventh season of the Dutch reality singing competition The Voice of Holland premiered on 21 October 2016 on RTL4. Martijn Krabbé, Wendy van Dijk, and Jamai Loman all returned, as did Sanne Hans and Ali B as coaches. For this season, however, coaches Marco Borsato and Anouk were replaced by singers Guus Meeuwis and Waylon, respectively.

Who are the Dutch judges on the voice?

Dutch singers Waylon and Guus Meeuwis replace former judges Marco Borsato and Anouk. Note: Italicized names are stolen contestants. The Battle Rounds determine which artists from each team will advance to the Knockout Rounds.

Who is replacing Jamai Loman on the voice of Holland?

It has also been announced that Geraldine Kemper would replace Jamai Loman as backstage host. On June 14, 2019, it was announced via the show’s broadcaster, RTL 4 and their Facebook page that Ali B, Waylon, Anouk and Lil’ Kleine will all return for season 10.

Who is Anne Wilson on the voice of Holland?

Anne Wilson participated in The voice of Holland season 1 as a member of team Jeroen (with the name Anne Schellekens) and The voice of Holland season 4 as a member of team Ali B. She was eliminated in the Battle rounds.