Who was the rat in Chicago PD Season 1?

He was murdered at the end of Season 1 by Voight’s corrupt Internal Affairs handler, Edwin Stillwell….’Chicago PD’ Profile: Sheldon Jin.

Sheldon Jin
Seasons 1
Portrayed by Archie Kao

Is Hank Voight Erin’s real father?

In the series, Erin Lindsay is sure that former convict Jimmy Sanguinetti is her biological father. A theory of fans is that Hank Voight, who takes in Lindsay as his daughter, is her actual father but this is more than likely not the case.

Who killed Jen in Chicago PD?

She later becomes the Intelligence Unit’s civilian administrative aide and was studying to be a police officer. She was murdered by Dr. Gregory Yates in Law & Order: SVU’s 16th season, episode “Daydream Believer”, the conclusion of the season’s second SVU/Chicago crossover event (seasons 1–2).

Does Burgess died on Chicago PD?

It has been a life-and-death struggle for Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) on season 9 of Chicago P.D. After being kidnapped, she was brutally beaten and shot in the season 8 finale, and after she finally got free, she dragged herself out of a building to try to get help.

Who does will Halstead end up with?

Will Halstead and Dr. Natalie Manning finally get together in Season 3, it doesn’t take long before things go a little haywire. One odd storyline involving the couple never entirely made sense.

Who is the mole in Chicago PD?

Meanwhile, Voight discovers that Ruzek is a mole but to Ruzek’s surprise, works with him to take down Woods.

Who is Erin Lindsay’s father?

Hank Voight
Erin Lindsay/Father

Is Erin Hank Voight’s daughter?

Erin Lindsay is a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She is also the foster daughter of Hank Voight and former detective in the Intelligence Section of the Chicago Police Department.

Does Edwin Stillwell get caught?

He apologizes to Hank for the abrupt arrest but they needed to make a convincing to the thug. He’s later seen on a date before he is arrested for the murder of Sheldon Jin with a satisfied Hank watching from afar.

What happened to Voight’s father?

At eight years old, his father Richard was killed in the line of duty. In his adult life, Hank would marry a woman named Camille and they were expecting twins but their daughter was stillborn, leaving them with a son Justin Voight.

Who kidnapped Kim Burgess?

The stars break down THAT landmark moment from the Season 9 premiere. It doesn’t help that she hasn’t received proper closure from the kidnapping. Although Upton and Voight know that Roy, the man who abducted her, is dead and no longer a threat, she still believes he’s very much alive and hiding out somewhere.

Is Tracy spiridakos leaving Chicago PD?

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Spiridakos had promised: “Upton will be coming back. In Chicago PD, Season 8, Episode 3, the episode that was postponed from last week amid the storming of the Capitol, Upton revealed that she was not leaving at all. She told Halstead: “I’m better with you as my partner.

When is Chicago PD season 4?

The fourth season of Chicago P.D., an American police drama television series with executive producer Dick Wolf, and producers Derek Haas, Michael Brandt , and Matt Olmstead , premiered September 21, 2016 and concluded on May 17, 2017. The season contained 23 episodes.

When does Chicago PD start again?

Luckily for those left in suspense after last month’s Chicago P.D., District 21 of the Chicago Police Department will make its comeback on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, according to the show’s Twitter.

Will Chicago PD be renewed?

On February 26, 2019, Chicago PD was renewed for a seventh season, which will debut September 25, 2019. Stay tuned for further updates.

What season is Chicago PD in?

The seventh season of Chicago P.D., an American police drama television series with executive producer Dick Wolf, and producers Derek Haas, Michael Brandt, and Rick Eid, was ordered on February 26, 2019. The season premiered on September 25, 2019.