Who stole Migos chain?

Update (Nov. 17, 6:54): Migos took to Instagram to respond to the allegation that Quavo got his chain snatched in DC by Chief Keef’s affiliates. In the video Quavo is seen unbruised and unbeaten while showing that he still has his chain.

Did Chief Keef steal Migos chain?

The Atlanta trio were performing at Stadium in Washington D.C. when, according to eyewitnesses on social media, Quavo’s chain was taken. Keef then posted a picture of the chain on his Instagram account, with the caption, “What’s this?” according to XXL, but the photo has since been deleted.

Did Chief Keef rob the Migos?

Chief Keef is not letting up on his Migos attack. In Sosa’s latest antics, he revealed some damaging information that occurred for the Atlanta-based rap group in Memphis. The Interscope rapper alleges Migos were robbed in the River City.

Who robbed Quavo?

Eric the Jeweler alleges that the rapper attacked him and stole jewelry at a post-Grammys party. A jeweler has accused Quavo of attacking him and stealing a chain worth $30,000 at a Grammys afterparty, TMZ reports. Eric The Jeweler, who has designed pieces for Snoop Dogg, French Montana, YG, and more.

Is Chief Keef allowed in NJ?

Tsu Surf explains the reasoning behind New Jersey rappers banning Chief Keef from the state. After apparently fending off a robbery attempt in the Garden State, Chief Keef recorded a new track to take aim at the state as a whole. …

Why did the Migos and Chief Keef beef?

The chain snatching reportedly occurred after the Migos performed in Washington, D.C. on November 15. The trio said they were jumped and Quavo’s Quality Control chain was stolen. Chief Keef posted an image of the chain to instagram shortly after the alleged incident.

What happened between Chief Keef and Migos?

Why does New Jersey hate Chief Keef?

Chief Keef’s beef with the Garden State stems from a 2014 attempted chain-snatching incident during a Keef club performance in Elizabeth, NJ. While in the club, a group of men tried and failed to rob Sosa’s jewelry. After the attempted robbery, the rapper used “Faneto” to threaten the entire state.

Why is Chief Keef banned from Oblock?

Chief Keef was arrested June 17 only minutes after leaving a court hearing for a speeding violations. Police nabbed the embattled MC on a month-old trespassing charge. Sosa explained to followers via Twitter why he doesn’t go back to visit his O’Block neighborhood.