Who makes KME fire trucks?

REV Group, Inc.
After 70-years as a family-owned business, KME has been sold to the parent company of E-ONE. REV Group, Inc. (“REV Group”), a leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles for commercial, fire and emergency and recreation markets, announced the acquisition of Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corp. (“KME” or the “Company”).

Where are KME fire trucks made?

Facilities. KME’s main operations are in Nesquehoning, but it also operates a manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia, where KME aerials are built.

What is a pumper in firefighting?

Pumper fire apparatus The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) states that a pumper is “[a] fire apparatus with a permanently mounted fire pump of at least 750 gpm (3000 L/min) capacity, water tank, and hose body whose primary purpose is to combat structural and associated fires.”

Where are Rosenbauer fire trucks built?

Leonding, Austria
The Rosenbauer Group is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles and firefighting equipment, based in Leonding, Austria.

Who bought KME Fire Apparatus?

(April 11, 2016) – REV Group, Inc. (“REV Group”), a leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles for commercial, fire & emergency and recreation markets, announced today the acquisition of Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corp. (“KME” or the “Company”).

Who builds fire trucks in the US?

Table 1 – Top fire truck manufacturers in the USA on Thomasnet.com

Company Headquarters No. Of Employees
Spartan Motors Charlotte, MI 1000+
E-One, Inc. Ocala, FL 500-999
Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. Holden, LA 200-499
Marion Body Works, Inc. Marion, WI 200-499

What is the largest manufacturer of fire equipment in the world?

Pierce Manufacturing is a U.S. company based in Appleton, Wisconsin that manufactures customized fire and rescue apparatus and a wholly owned subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation. Pierce was acquired by Oshkosh in 1996 and is currently the largest fire apparatus company in the world.

What is the difference between a pumper and a tanker?

The main difference between a custom pumper and a tanker/tender is the amount of water it carries. Some tanker/tenders are straight water haulers with small pumps on them, while others are designed more as first-out pieces, carrying enough equipment to function as Class A pumpers.

What do firefighters call their trucks?

fire engine
A fire engine (also known in some places as a fire truck or fire lorry) is a road vehicle (usually a truck) that functions as a firefighting apparatus.

How much does a Rosenbauer cost?

Over a million dollars for a light duty fire rescue vehicles does sound excessive, but fire trucks in general already cost a lot. New similar vehicles to the combination of rescue and pumper of the Rosenbauer electric truck are $500,000 and up, with even years-old used versions going for $200,000.

Who is the largest fire truck manufacturer?

Why did Mack stop making fire trucks?

The MC and MR series were introduced in 1978, and the Renault-built MS Midliner in 1981. In 1983, Mack sent a letter to its sales force and distributors directing them to stop accepting orders for complete fire apparatus. Full apparatus production wound down in 1984, and the CF and R were discontinued in 1990.