Who makes Daniel Defense BCG?


Product Weight 11 oz
Manufacturer Daniel Defense

What BCG does Daniel defense use?

Daniel Defense 5.56 NATO (5.56x45mm & . 223 Remington) / 300 Blackout (7.6x35mm) full-auto compatible, M16 Profile, complete bolt carrier group assembly….

Fabric/Material: Steel
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
Weight: 11 oz

Who makes Daniel Defense parts?

Daniel Defense is an arms manufacturer, founded in 2002 by Marty Daniel in Savannah, Georgia. Following substantial growth, in 2009 Daniel Defense expanded and moved into a new manufacturing facility in Black Creek, Georgia where it is now based….Daniel Defense.

Type Private Company
Website danieldefense.com

Is Daniel Defense A bolt carrier group?

The Bolt Carrier Group is one of the most important components of a Daniel Defense Rifle or Upper Receiver Group. This M16 Profile BCG features a shot peened bolt with extractor booster. The Bolt Carriers are MPI tested, chrome lined, and have properly staked gas keys.

Does Daniel Defense sell lowers?

Are they available to order? At this time, they are not. Daniel Defense does not offer complete nor stripped lower receivers.

Who makes sionics BCG?

The Sionics NP3 Bolt Carrier group is manufactured from Carpenter 158 Steel and is HP/MPI tested and inspected.

Who makes FN bolt carrier?

FN America is a subsidiary of FN Herstal, a global company with a proud, long-standing heritage. They are committed to providing highest quality, dependable, innovative firearms. With an over 127-year history, Fabrique Nationale stands at the cutting-edge of commercial, law enforcement, and military weapons.

Does the military use Daniel Defense?

Daniel Defense Government product line is available for U.S. DoD and other U.S. Government agencies, as well for International Customers under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program.

Where is Daniel Defense manufacturing?

Black Creek, Georgia
Daniel Defense is a family-owned and privately held firearms manufacturer located in Black Creek, Georgia.

Who makes Geissele BCG?

The Geissele Automatics M4A1 bolt carrier group is built by a Tier 1 supplier for the Department of Defense and built on the same line as BCGs in use by the military.

How good are Daniel Defense rifles?

Conclusion. Daniel Defense delivers a reliable, accurate AR-15 in the DDM4 V7 with enough extras to keep 5.56 fans interested. Though the pistol grip’s ergonomics are less than ideal, this rifle more than makes up for that with QD mounts, a threaded barrel, and an improved muzzle brake.

Who makes ballistic advantage BCG?

As of December 2014, Ballistic Advantage is operating as a majority owned subsidiary of Aero Precision.