Who is the real parents of Yohan?

Judy Ann adopted Yohan when she was 26 and was still single at the time. When she married Ryan Agoncillo, he legally adopted Yohan, too. “Ryan and I started a family because of you. Basically ikaw ang mitsa ng kandila ng pamilya natin,” she always tells her daughter.

What is the real name of Yohan Agoncillo?

Judy Ann Santos shared that her son and youngest daughter, Juan Luis or Lucho and Juana Luisa or Luna, are named after Johanna Louis or more commonly known as Yohan.

When was Yohan Agoncillo adopted?

Judy Ann adopted Yohan in 2004, the year when the ABS-CBN actress was starring in the fantasy series Krystala opposite Ryan. They became good friends, then their friendship grew into romance.

How old is Agoncillo?

Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos’ youngest daughter Luna turns 5.

Who is the father of Judy Ann Santos?

Manuel Dayrit Santos
Judy Ann Santos/Fathers

What is the name of Judy Ann Santos son?

Juan Luis Agoncillo
Judy Ann Santos/Sons

How tall is Agoncillo?

1.65 m
Ryan Agoncillo/Height

How old is Judy Ann Santos daughter Luna?

Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo’s youngest child Luna turns 5. Luna, the youngest child of celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, has just turned five.

Are Romeo Santos and Judy Santos related?

The lyrics were written by Romeo Santos, and the refrain is performed by the female vocalist Judy Santos (no relation).

Who is Judy Ann Santos husband?

Ryan Agoncillom. 2009
Judy Ann Santos/Husband

Who is the manager of Judy Ann Santos?

Alfie Lorenzo
This was what Judy Ann Santos wrote as her final message for her manager, Alfie Lorenzo, who died Tuesday.

Did Ryan Agoncillo leaves Eat Bulaga?

Actor-host Ryan Agoncillo on Friday left the set of noontime show “Eat Bulaga” to be with his wife Judy Ann Santos, who was set to give birth to their third child.

How old is Ryan Agoncillo from the Philippines?

Kristoffer Lou Gonzales Agoncillo (born April 10, 1979), known as Ryan Agoncillo, is a Filipino film and television actor, model, singer, photographer, and TV host.

How old was Judy Ann Santos when she adopted Yohan?

It is no secret that Judy Ann Santos was single when she embraced motherhood at age 26. In 2004, at the peak of her career and a woman in love, Juday (Judy Ann’s nickname) adopted Yohan. It was the year her romance with Ryan Agoncillo blossomed on the set of ABS-CBN series Krystala.

Who was Ryan Agoncillo’s love interest in Krystala?

Agoncillo joined the talent cast of ABS-CBN. He is most memorable for playing the love interest of Judy Ann Santos in the television soap opera Krystala. He again appeared with Santos in the movie Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo.

How old is Kristoffer Lou Gonzales Agoncillo?

Kristoffer Lou Gonzales Agoncillo ( Tagalog pronunciation: [agonsiʎo], born April 10, 1979), is a Filipino actor, model, singer, photographer, and TV host. Agoncillo started as a model at the age of fifteen, beginning as one of the early Penshoppe ‘s Club Pen models.