Who is the owner of C&S Wholesale Grocers?

Rick Cohen (1989–)
C&S Wholesale Grocers/CEO

How much does C&S Wholesale Grocers pay?

The average C&S Wholesale Grocers salary ranges from approximately $35,972 per year for a Stock Clerk to $268,964 per year for a Vice President. The average C&S Wholesale Grocers hourly pay ranges from approximately $17 per hour for a Loader to $24 per hour for a Lift Operator.

How many stores does C&S Wholesale Grocers have?

7,700 stores
We have approximately 14,000 employees, serving the U.S. from the East Coast to Hawaii with 71 warehouse facilities in 49 locations that service approximately 7,700 stores.

Is C&S a good job?

Hard work, good pay Hard job, good pay. The work is very physical and it is exhausting. If you can keep up with the fast paced work then it is a good job. The pay is really good.

What does C&S mean?


Acronym Definition
C&S Command & Staff (US DoD)
C&S Cable and Satellite
C&S Criteria and Standards
C&S Culture and Sensitivity (medicine)

Who is Piggly Wiggly owned by?

C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Piggly Wiggly, LLC is an affiliate of C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc., ranked as the 10th largest privately held company in the nation by Forbes magazine in 2010. For more than 90 years, C&S has provided first-class warehousing and distribution services to its customers.

Is C&S wholesale Grocers public?

C&S is the tenth-largest privately held company in the United States, as listed by Forbes. C&S owns the Piggly Wiggly grocery brand (which is independently franchised to store operators) as well as the Best Yet private label brand. C&S is the largest wholesale grocery distributor in the United States, based on revenue.

Is C&S wholesale Grocers publicly traded?

Unfortunately, though, C&S is not publicly traded. This means you can’t purchase shares in this company in your TD Ameritrade thinkorswim, E-Trade, or Schwab accounts.

What is C&S used for?

Culture & sensitivity Microbiology A set of tests performed on a clinical specimen, where isolation of a potentially pathogenic bacterium is followed by antibiotic susceptibility testing.

What does C & S Wholesale stand for?

Grocery wholesale and distribution. Founded. Worcester, Massachusetts (1918) Founder. Israel Cohen and Abraham Siegel.

What is the oldest grocery store in America?

Doud’s Market
Doud’s Market: This Michigan Treasure is America’s Oldest Family-Owned Grocery Store. America’s oldest family-owned grocery store was opened on Mackinac Island in 1884. The Doud family still runs the business today.

How many Piggly Wiggly’s are there in the USA?

530 Piggly Wiggly stores
Today there are more than 530 Piggly Wiggly stores serving communities in 17 states. All Piggly Wiggly® stores are independently owned and operated, and though they are located primarily in the Southeast, there are Piggly Wiggly® stores and as far north as Wisconsin.

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