Who is the guy in the Cake by the Ocean video?

The music video features a cake fight on the beach between bikini-clad girls and Instagram comedian Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky. It was co-directed by Joe Jonas’ girlfriend Gigi Hadid with Black Coffee.

Who are DNCE members?

JinJoo LeeGuitar
Joe JonasLead vocalistCole WhittleBass GuitarJack LawlessAcoustic Drum Kit

DNCE is an American dance-rock supergroup. The group consists of vocalist Joe Jonas, drummer Jack Lawless, bassist and keyboardist Cole Whittle, and guitarist JinJoo Lee. The group signed with Republic Records, who released their debut single, “Cake by the Ocean”, in September 2015.

Is Cake by the Ocean about drugs?

“Cake by the Ocean” was co-written by Joe Jonas, Justin Tranter, and Swedish duo Mattman & Robin, who also produced the song. Lyrically, the song is about sexual intercourse, but is also often interpreted to be referring to the cocktail Sex on the Beach.

Where was the music video of Cake by the Ocean filmed?

NEWS: Taylor Swift Hangs Out With Ex Joe Jonas The group made their official music video debut with “Cake by the Ocean” directed by Gigi Hadid. The video, shot in Huntington Beach, included a huge slice of real cake (which was reportedly “f***ing delicious!”) and has the band rocking out beachside.

What is the real meaning of the song cake by the ocean?

sex at the beach
What does cake by the ocean mean? Cake by the ocean is a euphemism for having sex at the beach. It comes from the title of the band DNCE’s 2015 debut single, “Cake by the Ocean.”

How do you pronounce DNCE?

DNCE (pronounced like an acronym, D-N-C-E) is made up of Joe Jonas and three other members: guitarist JinJoo Lee, bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle, and drummer Jack Lawless, who hardcore JoBros fans may remember as the band’s drummer, too.

Are Jonas Brothers really brothers?

The Jonas Brothers band consist of three brothers Kevin Jonas, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Jonas and Joseph ‘Joe’ Jonas. They were originally from Wyckoff New Jersey, where Kevin was born. Whilst Joe was born in Arizona and Nick in Texas.

Who made the song cake by the ocean?

Joe Jonas
Justin TranterMattias LarssonRobin Fredriksson
Cake By the Ocean/Composers

What does cake mean in slang?

a nice ass
A cake is used as slang to refer to a nice ass.

What does cake mean in drugs?

CAKE means “Kilogramme of Cocaine.”

What inspired cake by the ocean?

“Cake by the Ocean” from Joe Jonas’ band DNCE is one of their most famous songs, however, not everybody knows what “cake by the ocean” means. Interestingly, Jonas’ looks helped inspire the song.

Which Jonas Brother Is Getting Divorced?

Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas divorce: Latest News & Videos, Photos about Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas divorce | The Economic Times – Page 1.

When did cake by the ocean come out?

Cake by the Ocean. ” Cake by the Ocean ” is the debut single by American band DNCE, released for sale on September 18, 2015 and to radio on September 29, 2015 through Republic Records. It serves as the lead single from their debut EP, Swaay, (2015) and is also included on their debut studio album, DNCE…

Who are the members of cake by the ocean?

The group also comprises guitarist JinJoo Lee (who has played for Jordin Sparks, Charli XCX, CeeLo Green), bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle (founding member of Semi Precious Weapons) and drummer Jack Lawless (who was a member of the Jonas Brothers’ band).

Who is Diddy in cake by the ocean?

‘Cake By The Ocean’ could be free and wild, and we didn’t stress too much about having it follow the rules of songwriting.” The line “I’ll be Diddy, you’ll be Naomi” is a reference to the model Naomi Campbell and the music mogul Sean Combs, who has gone by the names “P. Diddy” and “Diddy.”

Where does cake by the ocean rank on the charts?

Billboard ranked “Cake by the Ocean” at number 44 on their “100 Best Pop Songs of 2016” list. Nielsen Music named “Cake by the Ocean” the second most-played song in Canada for 2016, behind only Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”.