Who is the coach in the movie Coach Carter?

Synopsis. Coach Ken Carter (Jackson) takes over the head coaching job for the Oilers basketball team at his old high school Richmond, having played on the team himself, earning unbeaten records. Carter quickly learns that the athletes are rude and disrespectful, and are in need of discipline. He hands the players individual contracts,…

Is there a boarding school for Coach Carter?

In 2009, Carter announced that he was opening a boarding school for boys called The Coach Carter Impact Academy in Marlin, Texas, where he now resides. The school was scheduled to be opened in Fall 2013, however the Academy’s website is nonfunctioning and it appears that the school has yet to open.

Where did Wayne Oliver play for Coach Carter?

Since playing for Coach Carter 20 years ago, Wayne Oliver has played professionally overseas until his retirement a couple years ago. He’s since joined Coach Carter on the motivational speaking circuit. “I’ve played in Japan, China, Dubai, Egypt, Canada, Mexico,” he said.

Who are the players that walk out on Coach Carter?

Carter asks the school’s staff for progress reports of the players’ grades and attendance. Despite anger from the players’ parents, most players sign the contracts, though several team members walk out in disagreement, including Timo Cruz, a gifted player who also deals drugs for his cousin Renny.

When did Ken Carter start coaching the Richmond Oilers?

Furthermore, the film depicts Carter as becoming the coach at the beginning of the 1998-1999 season though Carter actually began coaching the Richmond team in 1997. The movie inaccurately portrays the team’s scores and record numerous times. In the film, the lockout begins when the team is 16-0, though in reality the team’s record was 13-0.

What did Coach Carter get paid to coach basketball?

Carter accepts a little over $1,000 to work four months as basketball coach for a team of uncooperative, but heady young men. Carter has the players sign a contract to keep their grades up or be suspended from the team.

What did Coach Carter teach the basketball players?

He also teaches them to play a disciplined brand of basketball which includes an emphasis on fundamentals, execution, defense, and conditioning. Carter also asks the school staff for progress reports on the players’ attendance. However, three players including Timo Cruz (Rick Gonzalez) refuse to follow the contract and quit the team.

When did Coach Carter bench the whole team?

The team was undefeated and on it’s way to the 1999 State Championship, when Coach Carter received the low grades of his players. Coach Carter received national attention when he locked the gym and benched the whole team for poor grades. Coach Carter received some praise and much more criticism for his decision.