Who is Hassan Jameel? Everything we know about Hassan Jameel

Hassan Jameel is one of the youngest billionaires of Saudi Arabia. He is almost 30 years old now, and he already becomes the deputy vice chairman of his family’s business.

His late Father “Mohammad Abdul Latif Jameel” was the first chairman and CEO of their family business company. However, the company which is known as “Abdul Latif Jameel Ltd.” was first founded by the grandfather of Hassan Jameel, which lately operated by Hassan’s father and then after this two-precious death, the company has run by Hassan Jameel.

Though, their family business is popular and famous enough that earlier in 2017, they ranked as the fourth richest people of Saudi Arabia in Forbes articles. Also, the family’s total net worth of 2018 is $2.2 billion.

Who is Hassan Jameel? Everything we know about Hassan Jameel

Six Things You Need to Know About Hassan Jameel

  1. Early Life:

Hassan Jameel was born on October 22, 1988. His religion is Islam, and he belongs to Saudi Arabia. The popular and famous businessmen. His wife name is Lina Lazaar, and he is 6 feet tall in height.

Mr. Hassan’s born sing is Libra. He completed his degree “Bachelor of Arts in International Economics” from the well-known famous university, Sophia University held in Tokyo, Japan.

Later on, he achieved his MBA from the London based Business School hereafter, he is well-spoken in languages like Arabic, English, and as well as Japanese.

  1. Professional Life:

Mr. Hassan Jameel is the president of a charity type Community called Jameel, which as per its website does not “characterize individuals by their issues, but rather by their potential.”

The association “invest[s] in practicing, job production, and companies tried to help communities change themselves,” however, to displaying artists all through the Middle East and past – particularly ladies.

One of its biggest aims is the reduction of poverty and utilizing technology to expand nutrition and water security further.

  1. Relationships:

According to the Hassan Jameel bio, he was first caught while seeing dating a 47-year-old model Naomi Campbell in 2016.

Then reportedly, both gave an interview about their break-up, after that, the cameras found two lovebirds again while in that time, Mr. Hasaan was seen with Rihanna, the popular singer.

However, the reports also declared that they two also got break-up with each other back in 2018.

  1. Net Worth:

According to the 2018 Forbes, Hassan’s individual net worth is about $1.5 billion. He is one of the richest and finest citizens of Saudi Arabia who runs his family business very gratefully.

He is probably to the age of 30+, still young to operate the worldwide business.

  1. His Investments:

Well, Mohammad Abdul Latif Jameel’s family business is typically a Middle Eastern company and with almost having some interests not even just in Toyota, though also in real estate, environmental services, financial services, consumer products, and as well as advertising. Furthermore, Hassan’s individual investments are almost about $8oo million.

Hassan forward with his family has actually a part of an investigated of their wealth in the high professional league of Saudi pro soccer with almost 14 teams, known the Jameel League.

  1. Property, House, Car, Etc:

Hassan Jameel is one of the youngest richest people in Saudia Arabia, and he owns mostly every new model of cars such as:

  • Ford,
  • Range Rover (worth amounts $90,000)
  • Ferrari
  • Bentley (worth amounts $20,000).

He lives in Saudi Arabia where his property worth estimated to about $25.8 million. He has his own house where he manages to operate his tasks and professional life.

However, according to the Hassan Jameel bio, his total annual income is about $202 million.

Mr. Jameel is down to earth person in real life as well, and he likes to play soccer, football, and many other games. He lives a simple life with a traditional style.