Who is Caroline Hawley married to?

John Hawley
Caroline Hawley/Spouse

When she’s not enjoying French cuisine, countryside and culture, Caroline is working the rostrum at her auction house in Beverley alongside her husband John, who is also her business partner.

Is Paul from Flog It married?

Paul Martin has been happily married to wife Charlotte Godfrey for 14 years. The couple tied the knot in 2007 after striking up a romance behind the scenes of popular BBC daytime show Flog It!. Charlotte, who is 20 years younger than Paul, was working as a production coordinator on the series at the time.

How old is Paul Martin?

62 years (January 5, 1959)
Paul Martin/Age

When was Elizabeth Talbot born?

Elizabeth de Mowbray, Duchess of Norfolk (née Talbot; c. December 1442/January 1443 – 6 November 1506/10 May 1507) was a daughter of John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and his wife Lady Margaret Beauchamp.

Who did John Hawley play for?

John Hawley (footballer)

Personal information
Years Team Apps
1972–1978 Hull City 114
1975–1976 → St. Louis Stars (loan) 20
1978–1979 Leeds United 33

What happened to Eric Knowles son?

The son of Antiques Roadshow expert Eric Knowles has been killed in a motorway crash. Seb Knowles died on the M40 in Buckinghamshire around 3.30am on Friday after his Mercedes collided with a lorry near Beaconsfield. The 53-year-old sole occupant of the lorry was unharmed.

Does Paul Martin have a shop?

More recently he ran the shop The Table Gallery in Marlborough, Wiltshire, specialising in 17th- and 18th-century Welsh and English oak furniture and Victorian lavatories.

How old is Anita Manning auctioneer?

73 years (December 1, 1947)
Anita Manning/Age

Where is Elizabeth Talbot from?

Derbyshire, England
circa 1527, Derbyshire, England; d. 1608, Derbyshire, England. Elizabeth Talbot, better known as Bess Hardwick, was born into a moderately prosperous gentry family in Derbyshire. She married four times, each time accruing more wealth and property, until by her death she was one of the richest women in England.

What happened to James Lewis auctioneer?

Popular auctioneer James Lewis ‘died’ for 10 minutes when he suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed near Leek.

Who was Caroline hawleys first husband?

star was previously married to her first husband Phil who she shares two sons with. Although not much else is known of the antiques dealer’s life away from her career as she tends to keep it out of the public eye, although Caroline has previously opened up on how she first found her passion of antiquing.

Who is the host of the TV show Flog It?

Flog It! is a television series broadcast on the BBC that has been broadcast from 27 May 2002, presented by Paul Martin (although the first five episodes were presented by Mark Harnden).

Who are the experts on Flog It BBC One?

Meet the experts. 1 Adam Partridge. Adam has always been a bit of an entrepreneur. Find out how he raised his pocket money. 2 Anita Manning. 3 Caroline Hawley. 4 Catherine Southon. 5 Charles Hanson.

Who are the antiques experts on Flog It?

David was an established Flog It! expert who loved the thrill of finding new objects. This Bedford-based expert’s love of antiques started with visits to his grandmother. David Harper is an antiques & Classic Car expert as well as a famous artist!

Who are the parents of Flog It 2?

He was born to his parents Mr. Baggott and Elizabeth Baggott. His father was a butler and collected various pocket-sized valuables throughout his service. His mother passed away in November 2019 after battling for a long time with cancer.