Who is Bettes wife?

Allison Chincharm. 2012
Mike Bettes/Wife

Does Mike Bettes have any kids?

Tallmadge Bettes
Ohio Bettes
Mike Bettes/Children

Does Jim Cantore have a wife?

Tamra Cantorem. 1990–2009
Jim Cantore/Wife

Is Jen Carfagno still married?

Jennifer “Jen” Carfagno (born July 19, 1976) is an American television meteorologist, currently working for The Weather Channel (TWC), co-hosting AMHQ from 6 to 9 am weekdays with Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore….

Jen Carfagno
Spouse(s) Neil McGillis,?-present
Children 2, daughters Natalie and Kelly, with McGillis

Does Stephanie Abrams have a child?

Does Stephanie Abrams Have A Child. Stephanie is blessed with one son named Landon Benjamin Bettes. He was born on January 31, 2015, as the son of her ex-husband Mike Bettes.

Where is Cantore now?

For the first time in the 2021 hurricane season, Jim Cantore is back in Louisiana.

What is wrong with Mike Bettes?

Tornado incident Bettes was one of several storm chasers struck by an EF3 tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma in 2013. The storm rolled and tossed his SUV approximately 200 yards (180 m) into a field. The roof collapsed and his crew suffered major injuries: driver Austin Anderson broke several bones.

Who did Jim Cantore married?

Jim Cantore/Spouse

What is wrong with Jim Cantore’s son?

Cantore’s children have Fragile X syndrome. Cantore does charitable work for FRAXA, the Fragile X Research Foundation, and the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. He also contributes his time to Make-a-Wish Foundation events around the country and he has also served as a celebrity cabinet member with the American Red Cross.

Did carfagno leave TWC?

Luckily, Jen isn’t leaving The Weather Channel. In fact, her most recent Instagram posts show her alongside meteorologist Tevin Wooten hosting America’s Morning Headquarters on The Weather Channel.

Where is Jordan Steele now?

Jordan Steele is an award-winning American Meteorologist currently serving as an evening meteorologist for The Weather Channel based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is Stephanie Abrams husband now?

The couple dated from 2010 and finally got married in 2012 in Atlanta. They have a son named Landen Benjamin Bettes, who was born on January 31, 2015. They happily shared news of the pregnancy live in July 2014 and after Benjamin was born. Before his marriage to Allison, Mike Bettes and Stephanie Abrams were married.