Who do you call for lost animals?

If you cannot safely approach the animal or if it runs away, call your local animal control or police department immediately. Be sure to give the dispatcher the exact street address where the animal was last seen. Check for ID. Once you have contained the lost pet, check to see if the animal is wearing anID tag.

How do I find a lost cat in Edmonton?

Who to Call

  1. Edmonton. Animal Care & Control 780-496-8860 or check the Lost Pets Page for photos of found pets. Lost Pets.
  2. Calgary. Animal Services 403-268-1160 or check their Impounded Cats and Dogs page for information.
  3. Red Deer. Call Alberta Animal Services at 403-347-2388 or visit their Lost or Found Pets Page.

What to do if you find a lost animal?

If you find a native animal, contact a local wildlife organisation such as ARC, RRANA or WIRES. If you can safely collect and contain the animal, you should take him to a veterinary clinic immediately.

Where can I find a lost dog in Edmonton?

Call 311 for assistance. Transport the animal to the Animal Care & Control Centre. The City will search for the owner. If the animal is injured, take the animal to the Guardian Veterinary Centre at 5620- 99 Street.

Do dogs get scared when they get lost?

Many dogs, even dogs that normally are not fearful at home, become terrified when they become lost. While some dogs will ultimately calm down and then approach people, other dogs will continue to run from everyone, including their owners! One of the worst things that you can do is CALL a stray, loose, or panicked dog.

What do you do when your dog passes away?

If your pet dies at home, it may be difficult to handle their remains. You may wish to call your vet or another professional service, such as a company that can assist with dead dog disposal. Remember that such services may not be available on weekends or during national holidays.

What do I do if I find a cat in Edmonton?

Call your local animal control. In the City of Edmonton, you can contact Animal Care & Control by phoning 311 to make an appointment. If it is outside Edmonton, call your local municipality or phone our admitting department at 780-491-3522 to make an appointment.

Where can I take stray cats in Edmonton?

Animal Care & Control Officers will pick up cats trapped in a City trap. All other cats can be brought to the Animal Care & Control Centre by first calling 311 and making an intake appointment. If you need to rent a City trap, please call 311 to book.

Do police help with missing dogs?

Your local police station Contact the police if you think your dog has been stolen. The police will pick up stray dogs if they are found chasing or worrying livestock, but in all other cases stray dogs are the responsibility of the local authority (as above).

Who to call to pick up stray cats?

If you’re not able to safely restrain the animal, call the local animal control agency (in rural areas, call the police). Do so whether or not the animal is injured, and whether or not they are wearing an identification tag.

What should I do if I see a dog in Edmonton?

If you have found an stray pet outside the city that is sick or injured, please call us at 780-491-3522. For animals found inside the City of Edmonton, please call 311.

What do I do if I found a dog in Edmonton?

Where can I find a lost pet in Edmonton?

Check with your local animal control by-law or shelter. Links to found pets in our care and in the City of Edmonton’s Animal Care & Control Centre can be found above. You should also check with your local municipality or county. Look closest to home first. Talk with neighbours, the mail carrier and people outside in the area.

Where can I find lost and found animals in Canada?

You may also want to post a notice on the Internet. Two online services that include Canada are PetLynx and Petfinder. Animal Care & Control 780-496-8860 or check the Lost Pets Page for photos of found pets. Animal Services 403-268-1160 or check their Impounded Cats and Dogs page for information.

Where can I adopt a stray animal in Edmonton?

Guardian will not be able to accept found stray animals due to limited capacity. If you would like to adopt the stray animal, be sure to ask the City for special consideration. If the owner does not claim the animal and it’s adoptable, you may be able to adopt it from the Edmonton Humane Society.

Where was Ollie the cat last seen in Edmonton?

LOST PET ALERT! Ollie the Cat was last seen on August 2nd 2021 near 118 St NW and 139 ave in Edmonton. If you have any information on or have seen Ollie please call Malissa at (905) 516-8000 or email [email protected]. His Name is Ollie.