Who are the actors in the movie The keep?

Cast overview, first billed only: Scott Glenn Glaeken Alberta Watson Eva Cuza Jürgen Prochnow Woermann Robert Prosky Father Fonescu Gabriel Byrne Kaempffer

When was the keep by Michael Mann made?

So how a director famed for his commitment to realism and methodical research ended up crafting a gothic horror movie set during World War II is anyone’s guess. That’s what happened with 1983’s The Keep, which was his second film after Thief.

How long was the original cut of the keep?

Director Michael Mann ‘s original cut of the film ran three and a half hours. When Dr Cuza is translating the writing on the wall, he says “The form is the imperative” i.e. that it’s a command.

Why was the keep not released on DVD?

It’s almost never brought up in interviews and when he appeared on Robert Rodriguez’s The Director’s Chair to discuss his career, it was noticeably omitted. The Keep hasn’t even received a DVD or Blu-ray release, with music clearance issues with the score being cited as a sticking point.

Alberta Watson (Eva Cuza), Jurgen Prochnow (Captain Klaus Woermann), Scott Glenn (Glaeken Trismegatus), Ian McKellen (Dr Theodore Cuza), Gabriel Byrne (Sturmbahnfuhrer Kaempffer), Robert Prosky (Father Fonescu) 1943.

Is the keep based on a true story?

This is really Michael Mann’s “The Keep”, not F. Paul Wilson’s. It is an interpretation of Wilson’s novel, certainly not a slavish adaptation. Mann dispenses with much of Wilson’s exposition, and has drastically rewritten scenes in order for them to exist solely as eye and ear candy.

Where did the story of the keep take place?

The story starts off with a group of German soldiers arriving at a sketchy, fog shrouded Romanian keep high in the mountains, to scout for possible vantage locations or something.

What makes the keep such a good movie?

However, there is an evil force at work within the Keep which will do anything to escape. The Keep is a high concept yarn. The initial find set up and shooting of the villagers are stand out moments. The visuals and effects are stylistic, strong lighting, wind machines, optical layers are very much of there day.