Who are England Rugby top try scorers?

England all-time leading try scorers

Rank Tries Player
1 49 Rory Underwood
2 31 Will Greenwood
= 31 Ben Cohen
4 30 Jeremy Guscott

Who is the top try scorer in the Premiership?

Sam Simmonds
Formed in 1997 as an independent top division the awards form part of Premiership Rugby’s end of season awards show….

Premiership Rugby top scorers
Currently held by Marcus Smith (points) Sam Simmonds (tries)

How many English rugby PLayers have 100caps?

79 PLayers – 1 REFEREE –13 Nations – 24 WORLD Cup Winners Rugby Centurions celebrates those men and women who have won 100 international test caps or more for their country.

Who is the highest try scorer in rugby union history?

Daisuke Ohata
Try scorers

Rank Player Tries
1 Daisuke Ohata 69
2 Bryan Habana 67
3 David Campese 64
4 Shane Williams 60

Who scored the most tries in Rugby 2020?

Daisuke Ohata, the leading international try scorer with 69.

How many tackles does a rugby player make?


Rugby World Cup Avg. Carries / Team Avg. Tackles / Team
2007 80 84
2011 99 98
2015 113 119
2019 115 129

Which England rugby player has scored the most international tries?

Rory Underwood
Top try scorers

Rank Name Tries
1 Rory Underwood 49
2 Jonny May 33
3 Ben Cohen 31
Will Greenwood 1997–2004 55

How many points has Neil Jenkins?

1,049 points
Playing career: Won 87 caps for Wales and scored 1,049 points.

Who is the best all black try scorer?

With an outstanding 49 tries in 62 tests, Howlett the highest try scorer in the All Blacks. “BOD” is widely regarded as the best outside centre in rugby history.

Who is the all time leading try scorer in rugby?

Thomas’s one try for the British and Irish Lions means his total combined international try scoring record is forty-one, nineteen behind his fellow countryman and all-time leading Welsh and European rugby try scorer, Shane Williams.

Who are the top try scorers in the Jubilee Cup?

Season-by-Season top try scorers (Incorporating Swindale Shield, Jubilee and Hardham Cup players): Buxton Popoalii scores in the 2010 Jubilee Cup final for Norths over Poneke. He scored 17 tries in the first round and six in the second for 23 for the season. OBU 4 th in Swindale, Jubilee champions. Norths 3 rd in Swindale, Jubilee runners-up

Who are the top scorers in the Hardham Cup?

Season-by-Season top points scorers (Incorporating Swindale Shield, Jubilee and Hardham Cup players): Brandyn Laursen kicks for goal during his record breaking 2013 season with the boot. Dale Sabbagh – top points scorer in 2017 and 2018.