Which device is frequency dependent?

Devices like antenna tuners and linear amplifiers have controls whose settings are frequency-dependent. While high-end units do this automatically, most require you to manually move the controls each time you change operating frequency.

Why is the high frequency capacitance of an MOS capacitor constant in inversion?

Under such conditions one finds that the charge in the inversion layer does not change from the equilibrium value corresponding to the applied DC voltage. The high frequency capacitance therefore reflects the charge variation in the depletion layer and the (rather small) movement of the inversion layer charge.

What are the features of CV?

10 must-have features of a killer CVTell the client what they want to hear in 20 seconds. Tailor your profile. Highlight your relevant skills and experience. Make use of upper case letters and bold font. Demonstrate how you can be of value to the client. Trim the fat. Use bullet points and ditch the use of ‘I’ Be flexible with your job title.

What is needed for a good CV?

A CV must include:your name and contact details.technical and personal skills.work, and community and volunteer experience.qualifications and education.referees (you can include referees or note that referees are available on request).