Where is the Red River Valley from the song?

In both recordings of the song, the lyrical associations are about the Red River Valley that marks the border between Arkansas and Texas.

Who sang the Red River Valley?

Marty Robbins
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What is the tune to Red River Valley?

Scouser Tommy
The first 4 verses of the chant “Scouser Tommy”, sung by supporters of Liverpool F.C., is to the tune of “Red River Valley”.

What year did the song Red River Valley come out?

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Is Red River Valley a real place?

The Red River Valley is a region in central North America that is drained by the Red River of the North; it is part of both Canada and the United States. The river flows north through a wide ancient lake plain to Lake Winnipeg.

What is the origin of the Red River?

Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River
Buck Creek
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What was the song Red River Valley written about?

The song was written about the Red River Valley of Northern United States and Canada. Moorhead, Minnesota; Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota; and Winnipeg, Manitoba, were settled by ethnic Europeans, and the Red River Valley grew in population in the late 19th century.

Who sang the song Old Rivers?

Walter Brennan
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Who wrote the Red River Valley song?

Fred Mendelsohn
Ira Mack
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Are there 2 Red rivers?

There are actually two Red Rivers in the United States. The Red River of the South flows through Texas, becoming a proper river just below where the…

Is there quicksand in the Red River?

Quicksand is common along and in the river west of Lake Texoma, and is frequently deeper than most people are tall. Biting insects and poison ivy are two other common nuisances to be found along the Red River.

What is the Red River Valley Dance?

“Red River Valley” is an English Canadian square dance which is suitable for grade 3+. As mentioned in the introductory page, “In English Canadian folk dance, the square dance is the most widely disseminated dance, popular from Newfoundland to BC”.

Where did the song Red River Valley come from?

(April 2017) “Red River Valley” is a folk song and cowboy music standard of uncertain origins that has gone by different names (such as “Cowboy Love Song”, “Bright Sherman Valley”, “Bright Laurel Valley”, “In the Bright Mohawk Valley”, and “Bright Little Valley”), depending on where it has been sung.

When did Gene Autry record Red River valley?

Film appearances. 1936, Gene Autry recorded the song for the film Red River Valley. He re-recorded the song with the Cass County Boys for the 1946 film Sioux City Sue. Autry’s recording later appeared on various Autry compilations, including Gene Autry’s Western Classics and The Essential Gene Autry 1933-1946.

When did Willie Nelson write Red River valley?

The tune to “Red River Valley”, set to new lyrics and entitled “Can I Sleep In Your Arms”, was used on Willie Nelson ‘s 1975 album Red Headed Stranger. This version was based on the song “Can I Sleep in your Barn Tonight Mister.”.

When did Connie Francis record Red River valley?

1961 Connie Francis recorded “Red River Valley” for her 1961 album release Connie Francis Sings Folk Song Favorites. 1963 The Ventures released a version on their 1963 Dolton album The Ventures Play Telstar and the Lonely Bull, BST 8019.