Where is the Boblo boat Ste Claire?

It is currently docked at Riverside Marina in Detroit. This photo from the 1970s shows people boarding the SS St. Claire bound for Boblo Island. The Ste Claire was built in 1910.

Who bought the Boblo boat?

The now defunct amusement park took the boats out of operation in 1991. Kattoo purchased the Ste. Claire in 2007 for $250,000.

What happened to boblo?

The Browning Family sold the island in 1979, which led to several owners in the following years, including IBC and AAA of Michigan. The 1991, the boats ceased their 81-year run, and the park closed in 1993. The rides were sold to other amusement parks around the country.

How did the Boblo boat catch fire?

A welder working on renovations for the boat may have sparked the fire, officials said. Detroit Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell said the investigation remains ongoing. “Welding is being considered as one of many possible causes.

Why did Boblo Island close?

The ferrys were known as “Bob-Lo Boats” and held about 2,500 passengers each. The park opened in 1898 and closed its doors for good on September 30th,1993 as a result of poor management, rising maintenance costs and declining attendance thanks to more attractive parks in the region like Cedar Point.

What is on Boblo Island?

The Nightmare, Falling Star, Wild Mouse, Sky Streak, and Screamer rides, a Ferris wheel, a zoo, and a carousel were the signature attractions. To move visitors around the island, the park constructed a small railroad.

Is the Detroit Princess the old Boblo boat?

Although the boat may have been built in the Mississippi Delta in the early 1990s, the Detroit Princess has been well received from day one. For almost a century the Boblo Boats SS Ste. Claire and SS Columbia entertained Detroiters on the river, but they sadly were sold in 1991.

Who owns Boblo Island now?

The island is owned nearly in its entirety by Windsor developer Dominic Amicone through his Bob-Lo Island development company. The Canadian national parks service owns the beach area and a south-end lighthouse, built by the British Army in 1836. The lighthouse hasn’t worked since vandals destroyed its top in the 1950s.

Does anyone live on Boblo Island?

Once home to a popular amusement park from 1898 to 1993, Boblo Island in Ontario is now home to residential property, marinas, a restaurant and more.

Why is Boblo Island closed?

What year did Boblo Island close?

September 30, 1993
Boblo Island Amusement Park/Closed
Gone are the roller coasters, but there are plenty of haunting remnants from Boblo Island Amusement Park, which delivered thrills and family fun from 1898 to September 30, 1993.

How long was the boat ride from Detroit to Boblo Island?

The Boblo boat took passengers on an 18-mile cruise down the Detroit river to Boblo Island Amusement Park. The 106-year-old classic excursion steamer Ste.