Where is the 3M Company located?

3M Company, also known as (1902–2002) Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, diversified American corporation manufacturing a wide range of products, including abrasives, adhesive tape and related products, and consumer-electronics components. It is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.

How many employees does 3M have in Minnesota?

3M employs nearly 90,000 workers worldwide, including an estimated 10,000 in Minnesota at its headquarters in Maplewood and factories in Alexandria, Cottage Grove, Hutchinson, Eden Prairie, Fairmont and New Ulm.

How do I contact a 3M distributor?

You can contact the 3M Operator directly by calling 651-733-1110 and selecting option 3. You can contact the 3M Operator directly by calling 651-733-1110.

Where are 3M products manufactured?

3M products used mostly by the U.S. electrical industry are made in places such as New Ulm and Hutchinson, MN and Chelmsford, MA. “Our ‘make it where you sell it’ strategy helps us minimize transport costs and improve customer service while lowering fuel consumption and carbon emissions.”

How many locations does 3M have?

3M headquarters and office locations 3M is headquartered in Maplewood, MN and has 149 office locations across 78 countries.

Who are the distributors for 3M?

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Is 3M leaving Minnesota?

3M Co. is eliminating 1,500 jobs worldwide, the company announced Tuesday. It’s unknown how many of the layoffs will involve 3M’s 10,000 Minnesota employees. 3M will be shedding about 1.6 percent of its international workforce of 91,500.

What do the M stand for in 3M?

As 3M employees celebrated 3M’s centennial anniversary, “3M Company” becomes the legal name for 3M—originally incorporated as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

Where can I find 3M mask distributor?

Find a Distributor

  1. North and East. Vedant Synergy Pvt. Ltd. 38, Hathroi Fort, Jaipur – 302001. Tel: 01414041888. Mobile : (91) 9413348028. Website : www.vedantsynergy.com. Email : [email protected].
  2. South and West. Gras Impex Pvt. Ltd. 114-Shivai Industrial Estate. Behind McDonald’s. 89-Andheri Kurla Road. Saki Naka.

Is Amazon authorized 3M Distributor?

The only way to assure your product is authentic 3M would be to purchase through an authorized distributor. Amazon is a 3M distributor, however, they use resellers that may source their product from someone other than 3M.

Who owns 3M Corporation?

3M headquarters in Maplewood, Minnesota
Key people Mike Roman (Chairman, President, & CEO)
Revenue US$32.18 billion (2020)
Operating income US$7.161 billion (2020)
Net income US$5.38 billion (2020)

Who founded 3M Company?

Danley Budd
William McGonagleJohn DwanHermon CableHenry Bryan

What does 3M produce?

Beyond Scotch Tape (and the more contemporary, but equally revolutionary, Post-It Note), 3M produces an almost incomprehensible 55,000 items. The company organizes those manifold operations into five segments: Industrial, Safety and Graphics, Electronics and Energy, Health Care, and Consumer.

What is the ticker symbol for 3M?

3M’s ticker symbol is MMM. The stock trades on the New York, Chicago, and Swiss stock exchanges and is one of 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

What is 3M Corporation?

The 3M Company, formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods. Nov 19 2019