Where can I get cricket stats?


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  • Who holds most cricket records?

    Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has scored the most runs in ODIs with a total of 18,426.

    Who is the greatest Test batsman of all time Cricinfo?

    Donald Bradman
    Top 5 Test batsmen

    Rank Batsman Rating
    1 Donald Bradman 1349.0
    2 Sachin Tendulkar 1000. 5
    3 Viv Richards 913.9
    4 Garfield Sobers 912.0

    What is StatsGuru?

    Among its most extensive features is StatsGuru, a database originally created by Travis Basevi, containing statistics on players, officials, teams, information about cricket boards, details of future tournaments, individual teams, and records.

    Who is best cricketer in the world?

    1. Sir Don Bradman (Australia) 2. Sachin Tendulkar (India) 3. Sir Garfield Sobers (West Indies)

    • Sir Don Bradman (Australia)
    • Sachin Tendulkar (India)
    • Sir Garfield Sobers (West Indies)
    • Imran Khan (Pakistan)
    • Sir Ian Botham (England)
    • Shane Warne (Australia)
    • Sir Viv Richards (West Indies)
    • Brian Lara (West Indies)

    Who has played the most first class cricket matches?

    Wilfred Rhodes
    Most matches in First-Class cricket Wilfred Rhodes holds the record for playing most number of First-Class matches in the history of cricket. He has played 1,110 First-Class matches in his career and owns the record by quite a margin as the second placed Frank Woolley has 978 matches.

    What is the highest score in 50 over cricket?

    The world record is held by England in their innings of 481/6 in 50 overs against Australia at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on 19 June 2018.

    Who is the best cricket team of all time?

    Cricket – All Time Top 10 Teams

    • #1 AUSTRALIA.
    • #2 INDIA.
    • #3 SRI LANKA.
    • #4 PAKISTAN.
    • #5 WEST INDIES.
    • #6 ENGLAND.
    • Tests: 1877-2011 910(p) 322(w) 261(l) 0(t) 327(dr) 35.38(win%)
    • #7 SOUTH AFRICA.

    Who is cricket legend?

    The highest test run scorer ever is the Indian Sachin Tendulkar, though the other commonly nominated greatest batsman, Don Bradman, is not even in the top 10!…Highest Test Run Scorers.

    Player Sachin Tendulkar (India)
    Played 1989-2013
    Matches 200
    Inns 329

    Who is the most loved cricketer in the world?

    1. Sachin Tendulkar. Despite retiring from cricket last year, Sachin Tendulkar remains the sport’s most popular figure in Facebook terms anyway, with a staggering 22.6 million fans.

    Who owns Cricinfo?

    ESPN Inc.
    Now a wholly owned subsidiary of ESPN Inc., the world’s leading multimedia sports entertainment company, ESPNcricinfo is available to cricket fans through the online media and on a host of mobile platforms and handheld devices.

    Is Cricinfo free?

    Registration is fast and free. By registering with Cricinfo, you can be certain you are making the most of the world’s favourite cricket website. We will also add new registered user benefits on a regular basis, and registered users will be the first to know.