When did Marrickville hospital close?


Marrickville Hospital
Opened 1897 Foundation stone 1899 Opened
Closed 1990
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What is Marrickville known for?

Marrickville is best known for its delicious food and artistic events. It has many fantastic eateries from cultures all over the world, as well as plenty of live music and other shows such as comedy.

When was Marrickville established?

The first mayor of the Marrickville Municipality, incorporated in 1861, was Irish-born Gerald Halligan, the chief clerk in the New South Wales Public Works Department. In 1878 the first Marrickville Town Hall was built on Illawarra Road.

How old is Marrickville?

The Marrickville Metro site has a long association with industry. European settlement began in 1795 with a thirty-acre land grant to James Waine, who established a small farm which provided the Sydney Markets with what was reported to be an excellent supply of fruit and vegetables.

How much did Marrickville Library cost?

The Marrickville Library cost developers $40 million.

When did Marrickville Library open?

The new Marrickville Library, to open on Saturday August 31, rambles inside and out of the restored wards of the former hospital, and spills onto a public pavilion, play space, and new housing development.

Is Marrickville a safe suburb?

Marrickville, in the city’s inner-west, took the tenth spot from 40 suburbs voted the most livable around the globe during an annual survey by Time Out magazine. The survey took the answers of 38,000 people and asked them to rate the suburbs on community spirit as well as food, drink, nightlife and culture.

What land is Marrickville on?

Most of the suburb of Marrickville consists of a valley – a natural low-lying saucer – that is part of the Cooks River basin. Marrickville railway station is a just 7.6 metres above sea level. The traditional owners of the land are Cadigal of the Eora Nation. The Aboriginal name for the area is Bulanaming.

What Aboriginal land Am I on Marrickville?

Marrickville. The traditional owners of the land are Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. The Aboriginal name for the area is Bulanaming.

Who built Marrickville Library?

Marrickville Library and Pavilion by BVN. BVN has completed a new library and community hub in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville that features a soaring interior and a folding roof canopy. BVN won an invited design competition for the building in 2012.

How do I join the Marrickville Library?

You can join in person at any of our library branches by presenting proof of your name and current address. There is no minimum age for joining, but those under the age of 16 years require the authorisation of a parent or guardian.

Is Marrickville a dodgy?

That’s all the good news, but Marrickville isn’t all just smiles and sunshine. “Gritty yet not dodgy, lively yet not crowded, and increasingly trendy yet not pretentious, this is now the place that immediately springs to mind for me when I think “Inner West”.” Noise is also a considerable factor in Marrickville.

Is there a hospital in Marrickville, NSW?

Marrickville Hospital is a now closed hospital in Marrickville, a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia . A group to fund the start of the site was begun in 1895. The foundation stone was laid in 1897 with the hospital opening in 1899 as Marrickville Cottage Hospital.

When did the Marrickville District Hospital close down?

In 1899, the hospital proper opened, and was renamed Marrickville District Hospital in 1922. In 1990, the hospital closed, and has remained empty since. In 2015, Marrickville Council released plans to redevelop the hospital site into a residential and commercial development including a new library and ‘community hub’.

When did the village of Marrickville start to develop?

The year 1855 was a turning point in Marrickville’s development. Thomas Chalder subdivided his Marrick Estate and laid down the village of Marrickville. Cottages, shops, churches and civic buildings rapidly appeared. Market gardens, dairy farms and stone quarries now dotted the landscape.

How much is the Marrickville library going to cost?

The finishing touches are being made to the spectacular $40 million Marrickville Library, fulfilling a promise to restore the hospital site to the community.