Whats the definition of incidentally?

1 : in an incidental manner : not intentionally the arrant nonsense of some of his statements is incidentally hilarious— John Lahr. 2 : by way of interjection or digression : by the way fortunate in having a good teacher … —

What does incidentally mean example?

Apart from the main subject; parenthetically. adverb. 2. Incidentally is defined as a new, but related, point or something that is less important. An example of incidentally is when you discover that someone is pregnant only because you are conducting a medical exam for something else and happen to check for pregnancy.

What is meant by incidently?

1 : so as to be incident. 2 : incidentally.

What does Incipiently mean?

: beginning to come into being or to become apparent an incipient solar system evidence of incipient racial tension.

What is the difference between Incidentally and coincidentally?

Senior Member. “Coincidentally” describes something that happens by chance. So in the example above, Bart wants to talk to Ivy after being away from town, and coincidentally, they are both around the corner from each other. “Incidentally” describes something that is different from the main topic being discussed.

Does incidentally mean by the way?

Incidentally is a word you use when you’ve got more to say on a topic or want to transition into a new subject. Think of the word incidentally as a more formal way to say “by the way.” Incidentally can also mean “by chance” if you want to remark on a coincidence.

How do you use incidentally?

What is the synonym of incidentally?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for incidentally, like: accidentally, unexpectedly, coincidentally, by-the-by, by-chance, by-the-way, parenthetically, in-passing, en passant (French), apropos-of and speaking-of.

Is Incipiently a word?

adj. beginning to exist or appear: an incipient cold. in•cip′i•ent•ly, adv.

When should I use incidentally?

Where is incidentally used in a sentence?

2. The letter mentioned my great-aunt and uncle only incidentally. 3. Incidentally, I think you still owe me some money.

What is the opposite of incidentally?

Opposite of in an incidental manner. purposely. deliberately. intentionally.