What would you find under the bonnet of a car?

The main aspects you’ll need to check under the bonnet include the engine coolant reservoir, the engine oil level, the brake fluid reservoir and the windscreen washer fluid level.

What does engine coolant look like?

Coolant that is still doing its job to protect your engine can be any variety of colors from green to red to orange, but the key is that it will be translucent. When it’s past its prime, it will become a brownish color and more opaque. If it’s in really bad shape, it will be a sludgy brown.

What does under the bonnet mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlook under the bonnetlook under the bonnetBritish English, look under the hood American English to look at or find out about the less noticeable features of something Look under the bonnet of the company before investing in it. → look. Quizzes.

What is under a hood?

phrase​mainly American. DEFINITIONS1. something that is under the hood is not immediately visible or obvious. When you check under the hood, we are using a lot of energy.

What item under the vehicle hood should be checked periodically?

Every month, or every few gas fill-ups and especially before any longer road trips, it’s a good idea to get under the hood of your car and inspect both the oil and coolant levels while the engine is cool. Low levels of either can lead to engine problems if left unchecked.

Where is the coolant reservoir located?

Locate the coolant reservoir under the hood of your vehicle. It should be a transparent little tank with minimum and maximum lines shown on the side. If the level is below the minimum line, you will need to add coolant to keep your car and radiator happy.

Where is my coolant going?

The coolant recovery tank has a COLD/MIN mark indicating the level for the coolant with the engine cold. The radiator should have the coolant reaching just below the filler neck.

What does look under mean?

1 : to look or glance at from underneath or from lowered eyes : look covertly at. 2 : to miss or omit because one has looked too low. underlook.

Where is the coolant reservoir under the bonnet?

When the engine is off and cold, open the bonnet and find the reservoir above the radiator. This can be similar in shape and size to your brake fluid, so make sure this is the right one before you proceed. Check the coolant levels are above the MIN and below the MAX levels indicated on the side.

Where is the hydraulic fluid under the bonnet?

Another important fluid, this ensures your hydraulic brakes are working properly. With your car on a level surface and the engine turned off, open the bonnet and look for the reservoir. This is typically a small, semi-transparent, box-shaped feature found near the top of the engine.

How can I check the coolant in my car?

Checking engine coolant, indicate the position of the coolant reservoir and tell your driving tester you would check between the minimum and maximum levels to ensure the engine has enough coolant. Warning: never remove coolant cap just after driving as high pressure can cause scalding. Wait until engine has cooled down before adding coolant.

What does the coolant cap on a car look like?

Again, the cap for the engine coolant may be yellow, or blue and looks like this: Step 1 – Make sure the engine is cold. The cooling system in a car is usually pressurised to allow the engine to run at higher temperatures without boiling.